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Preparing your business against coronavirus

In times of uncertainty, people tend to stick to whatever is familiar as much as possible. This is why it is important that you take action, keep catering to your clients’ needs and keep your business going. We don’t know where this coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is going to go, and […]

Why a great loyalty strategy should offer more than pricing discounts

When retailers understand the importance of keeping existing clients and finding new ways to have them come back again and again, the big question is why business owners don’t invest more in doing it right? And do they really know what “right” is? There are a few loyalty strategies that […]

How valuable are your clients?

Some of your customers are worth far more to your business than others. The best clients spend more, return more often, and don’t even think about going anywhere else. They are loyal, enthusiastic advocates of your business. They are promoters. Here’s a challenge: Do you know how much more valuable […]

bobile partnered with Google to bring more members to your club

You have a lot of potential clients in your vicinity. Some are familiar with your business, heard about it, just passed by, or even visited once but never developed a long-term relationship with your business. So how can we help you bring them in? Pay-per-click advertising on Google is one of the best marketing […]

How to use microcopy to improve clients’ engagement?

They say that good things come in small packages. When it comes to copywriting that improves clients’ engagement and ROI – the smaller the better. We’re talking about microcopy – all the small words and fractions of sentences that are there to guide users through your app and help them perform […]

Clients’ Loyalty – Expectations vs. Reality


We constantly hear how technology can improve the customer experience. However, most of us are still confined to the realm of social media, promotions, brochures, and conferences to attract clients. Even though almost every time one enters a retail shop, they are offered a loyalty card or to join a […]

Branded Relationships Builder for the hotels industry

A hotel is where people can rest and rejuvenate, enjoy special times with loved ones and create new memories. As a hotel owner, you need to get ahead of the curve, increase value, stand out, and add your personal touch. At the end of the day, you want to show […]

Building a Members Club to boost customer retention

Customer retention is the key to increase sales; existing customers are much more profitable than new customers while acquiring new customers is on average 5 times more costly than keeping existing ones. The membership model is fundamental for customer retention, but having a membership is not enough; the question is […]

Automated Loyalty Program – The Way to the Future

Recent research has shown that despite the huge number of loyalty memberships – almost 4 billion(!) in the US alone – the number of active memberships is actually falling. Retailers must respond to this fundamental changes in lifestyle in recent years; people live “on the go”, always connected to the […]

Branded Relationships Builder for your Coffee Shop

Want the world to know you serve the best coffee in town? Are you looking to increase traffic to your Café by offering special discounts and promotions? Do you wish you could return the investments on advertising activities for your business? Want your clients to come back again and again? […]