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Branded Relationships Builder for Spa

30 June 2017
Create an app for spa

You created a place where people can rest and rejuvenate, enjoy special times with loved ones and take care of their bodies and souls. You strive to constantly grow, reach out to new audiences, offer new products and services and make sure potential clients can locate your business and engage with it.

Since you are a beauty and healthcare entrepreneur, the personal touch is important. Maintaining relationships with clients, retaining loyal ones and attracting new ones requires availability and communication. That’s why the best way to go about it is to have your own personal relationship builder.

How can a relationship builder help grow your Spa business?

Members Club is designed to help you simplify the management of your spa or salon and even help with making important decisions. It makes sure you are always in control of what’s going on in your spa – with the autonomous Members Club created by bobile you can check out orders and appointment schedules, interact with customers, and send push notifications or appointment reminders.

You can even use it to launch special sales, offer membership plans and distribute catalogs to help grow and develop your business– all using the most available and intuitive tool there is – your smartphone.

All the necessary data at the reach of a finger

The autonomous Members Club helps you organize all the information necessary to successfully run your Spa business – inventory, calendars, appointments, client phone numbers, birthdays etc. and gives you the tools to act based on the information, offer exclusive discounts and rewards so that your loyal clients keep coming back.

Relationship builder for spas – anyone can do it

There are many great things about bobile’s platform, but by far the best one is that you don’t need to be a programmer or even have previous coding experience to use it. You can start creating gorgeous, personally-branded Members Club right now. No developer teams, no huge budgets.

Why use bobile’s Members Club for your spa?

  • Fully customizable – choose the design and style and add features easily.
  • Easy to use and doesn’t require programming experience.
  • A personally branded application which serves as a promotion tool.
  • The native app, compatible with iOS and Android.

What next? Simply register for bobile’s Branded Relationships Builder and start creating a different Spa experience.