Creating an app for a Spa

Spa App

In a Spa business, the personal touch is important. Maintaining relationships with clients, retaining loyal ones and attracting new ones requires availability and communication. That’s why the best way to go about it is to have your own personal native app. The benefits of creating an app: Increase sales, retention, […]

Creating an app for a Veterinary Clinic

pet shop app

Have a local pet shop and you are ready to take it to the next level? Then it’s time to create an app for your business. Creating an app enables you to provide that extra value to your clients and their beloved pets and increase sales and retention.  The benefits […]

The Most Effective App Retention Strategies


Technology keeps evolving and transforming the way we connect with each other. From the steam engine, the first airplane, the telegraph all the way to the smartphones of today, technology is at the forefront of progress in every age. What makes these smartphones so important and necessary in our lives […]

Apps for Dietitians & Nutritionists

Dietitians & Nutritionists

Create an App for Dietitians and Nutritionists Nutrition and a balanced diet are the building blocks of a healthier body and mind. As a dietitian or nutritionist, touching the lives of so many people on a daily basis, you probably understand the importance of being available for your patients, of […]

Create an App for your Dental Clinic


Create an App for Dentists & Clinics Your dental practice is your pride and joy, reflecting all the years of experience, resources and attention you dedicated to creating a place that promotes dental health and provides your patients with everything they need to keep smiling. How do you make sure […]

We are Now on Clutch!


Looking to create your own app? Here at bobile, we assist our clients in creating the mobile applications that fit their type of business so that they can provide customers with an app that is practical and easy to use. Our software has proven to be reliable and user-friendly. A […]

The Differences between PWA and Native Apps


A native app is a mobile application that has been specially built to run on a device. These apps are downloaded from the app store and then installed on smartphones or tablets. A PWA, an abbreviation of Progressive Web App, on the other hand, is written so as it can […]

Stay on top of your business from the palm of your hand!


You’ve created your app and you’re ready to go. But it’s only the beginning of what bobile can do for you. With our App Admin, you can see a live preview of your app with every change you make, edit your app and keep it up to date, manage and streamline different […]

The Differences between iOS and Android Users

iOS vs Android users

It’s no surprise that smartphones are becoming more integral to our lives than ever before. In fact, U.S. Mobile App Reports state that 50% of the population’s digital media time is spent on mobile apps. Apps are also utilized far more on a mobile device than the mobile web is. […]

Introducing: bobile X – an automated members club

bobile X

A mobile app that works for you. Automatically. We are excited to introduce you to bobile X – a whole new way to make your business a native part of your clients’ phone. bobile X enables you to enjoy a self-managed mobile members club app to increase sales, retention, and revenue. […]