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Members Club

Make your business a native part of
your clients’ phone

Increase clients’ visit frequency, retention, loyalty, and keep them engaged using customized rewards

Automated members’ club designed to increase sales, retention, and revenue

Behavior-based rewards as part of the clients success plan. With dozens of tailored events for SMB’s from which you can choose what suits your business most.

Store and manage your leads, contacts, and clients in one centralized online hub

An automated reward program

Clients earn points that translate into reward – a discount, a freebie, or a special client treatment. For each action, the client receives a notice regarding the reward, keeping your clients waiting for the next surprise.

mobile rewards program

Flexible membership tiers

Increase the value of the rewards as the client moves up the loyalty ladder with exclusive rewards and benefits set for each membership tier. This encourages clients to increase their usage in the app to gain additional benefits. There are 3 membership tiers you can use in your members club. To become a member of one of these tiers, clients should gain the required number of points.

Digital Loyalty Cards

Offer digital Loyalty cards that reward clients for their repeat business and purchases. Use this feature to promote new and hard-to-sell products or offer incentives to keep them loyal to your business. There are 3 types of Loyalty cards – the most common buy 10 and get the 11th product/service for free, a discount plan offers a percentage off the 11th purchase or buy 10 items/services and receive a special gift.

mobile scratch cards

Virtual Scratch Cards

A virtual version of the famous scratch card games. Clients scratch the grey area and find out if they’ve got a winning ticket.

Clients groups

Optimize your marketing efforts by segmenting clients based on prior purchases and interests and target each group segment effectively. Add a personal touch to existing relationships between the business and the clients and facilitate a higher client retention ratio.

Add members easily

Import your client list from your existing CRM with a simple xls table or add clients manually and invite them to install your app and join your mobile members club.

Enhanced database administration

Gather information about your clients, keep an accurate and accessible record of client transactions, preferences, needs, and concerns to provide a better customer service

Take Action

Improved responsiveness and add a personal touch to provide a better customer service experience. Chat live with your clients to provide instant customer service and support, resolve issues, and address requests and inquiries; send payment requests and follow up on orders and payments; share and receive file – PDF, word, excel, png, gif, and jpg; send customized rewards to specific clients or groups; follow up on recent activities of clients to receive a full picture of your interaction; and send holidays and special occasions greetings.