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bobile partnered with Google to bring more members to your club


You have a lot of potential clients in your vicinity. Some are familiar with your business, heard about it, just passed by, or even visited once but […]

How to use microcopy to improve clients’ engagement?


They say that good things come in small packages. When it comes to copywriting that improves clients’ engagement and ROI – the smaller the better. […]

Clients’ Loyalty – Expectations vs. Reality


We constantly hear how technology can improve the customer experience. However, most of us are still confined to the realm of social media, promotions, brochures, […]

Branded Relationships Builder for the hotels industry


A hotel is where people can rest and rejuvenate, enjoy special times with loved ones and create new memories. As a hotel owner, you need […]

Building a Members Club to boost customer retention


Customer retention is the key to increase sales; existing customers are much more profitable than new customers while acquiring new customers is on average 5 […]

Automated Loyalty Program – The Way to the Future


Recent research has shown that despite the huge number of loyalty memberships – almost 4 billion(!) in the US alone – the number of active […]

Branded Relationships Builder for your Coffee Shop


Want the world to know you serve the best coffee in town? Are you looking to increase traffic to your Café by offering special discounts […]

The complete guide for creating the best loyalty program for SMB’s

shutterstock_1058170628 (1)

Most SMB’s have the same basic goal – to increase their income. If this sounds right to you, a good loyalty program can help you […]

Announcing bobile’s collaborations with Shutterstock

Untitled design (1)

Take your app branding to the next level bobile is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Shutterstock – a leading global provider of high-quality licensed […]

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Loyalty Points for Small Business?


  Nowadays, loyalty programs are among the main foundations of any marketing strategy. They come in many shapes and sizes but essentially, they have all […]