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How to build an app in 3 easy steps

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If you want to build an app for your business but you don’t have any coding experience or a huge budget to employ a team […]

bobile apps meets Apple’s new guidelines


Apple recently announced amending its App Store guidelines regarding apps created using an app builder. According to the previous version, apps that were created from […]

Native app, hybrid app or web app – definitions and differences

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The native app, web app, and hybrid app are some of the terminologies you’re going to come face to face with once you decide to […]

Why should you build an app for your small business?

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Today, many small and medium business owners realize that having only a mobile-optimized website is not enough for an effective mobile marketing strategy. The reason […]

Native app or Mobile Website: Pros and Cons

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You already know that your potential customers are already spending a lot of time on their mobile devices and that if you want to reach […]

Android app vs. iOS: Which app should you build for your business?


So, you have finally decided to build an app for your business? Congratulations, now you have some decisions made. One of your first decision will […]

Mobile App Marketing Strategies

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You’ve spent a few hours developing your app- it would be a shame if it gets zero installs once you publish it in the app […]

App Marketing Basics

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Once you have your app ready, the next step is spreading the word about your new app to your potential customers. So, how do you […]

How to Create a Successful App

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It’s an understatement to say that mobile apps are a great addition to the way we use smartphones. They have advanced the way we transact […]

Are you ready for the holidays?


The holidays are a hectic time for business owners as they juggle their online presence. This year, making sure retail apps are in tip-top shape […]