Introducing: bobile X – an automated members club


A mobile app that works for you. Automatically. We are excited to introduce you to bobile X – a whole new way to make your business a native part of your clients’ phone. bobile X enables you to enjoy a self-managed mobile members club app to increase sales, retention, and revenue. […]

Why should you offer your clients white-label apps?


In recent years, many businesses started to get into the mobile application industry in order to increase sales, retention and reach out. According to latest statistics, at least 90% of the total population are using smartphones, and their phones are always within reach. It is no wonder that many companies would […]

Trends in event apps building


Event apps play an important role in mobile marketing strategies.  These apps are often used to make it easier for companies to set up occasions with their clients. As the demand for events app increases, it eventually leads to the innovation of white label event app services, designed to answer […]

Small Business Apps Trends to Watch in 2018


Over time, customers are becoming more demanding than ever and want to stay in touch round-the-clock. This also means the scale of business communications now goes beyond its usual scope. While it brings in opportunities never before imagined by small business owners, the challenge now is to cope and keep up, […]

How to increase the chances of your bobile app to be approved by Apple


You worked hard to customize your app to best fit your business needs, you created content, established your mobile shop, added images and added notifications, and it turned out great! What do you do next? You need to let the world know about your creation. If you are registered to the […]

How to create the best push notification campaign


Push notification has become part of our everyday lives, together with the increased use of mobile apps. It is a great way to reach your customers to inform, update, engage, and initiate action. Use notifications to: Engage users to increase retention. Promote products and services and special offers. Keep your customers […]

bobile rakes in mobile app development software awards from B2B review platform


The bobile team is proud to announce that its mobile development app was recognized by CompareCamp with its Rising Star and Great User Experience awards. The SaaS reviews platform grants its Rising Star recognition to software systems that have received a positive reception from clients due to its efficiency, thus leading […]

How to build an app in 3 easy steps

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If you want to build an app for your business but you don’t have any coding experience or a huge budget to employ a team of developers, then this guide is for you. bobile is a simple native app maker that allows you to build an app for your business […]

bobile apps meets Apple’s new guidelines


Apple recently announced amending its App Store guidelines regarding apps created using an app builder. According to the previous version, apps that were created from a commercialized template or an app generation service were completely banned from the App Store. The new guidelines include the following exceptions: “They are submitted […]

Native app, hybrid app or web app – definitions and differences

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The native app, web app, and hybrid app are some of the terminologies you’re going to come face to face with once you decide to build a mobile app for your business. So, getting to understand what the terms mean and the difference between them is an excellent way of […]