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2016 Year in Review

During the last 12 months, bobile has expanded its: support, R&D, programming, marketing, and translation & documentation teams. We have tirelessly strived to make life easier for you, by offering intuitive mobile apps for your small businesses. All of us at bobile will continue to improve and develop ways for […]

The New Reseller Program

The bobile Reseller Program Grow your revenue now with the new bobile reseller program. Sell mobile apps to your clients or target new ones. Our app-developer account enables easily creating as many mobile apps as you want, with no previous programming knowledge. Did anyone say a “Business Opportunity”? 2017 is going […]

Introducing: Awesome New Themes

Looking for an app design that’s right for your business? From today, you can choose from more than 200 different themes. The new appearance helps you effectively and creatively customize your app by choosing more relevant themes for your brand. They are multi-purpose and can be used by different kinds of […]

The Mobile Shopper Is Here: New Survey Finds 88% of Respondents Use Retail Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have shaken up the retail industry. The way customers shop, browse, and purchase is evolving, and retail sales have become more complicated with the introduction of e-commerce, and now, m-commerce. Retailers aren’t just selling merchandise in-store anymore; today, online sales are a huge part of retail stores’ revenues. […]

4 Ways to Promote Your App on Social Media

Social media is by far the most effective platform for app developers to promote their products. Nearly 20% of time Americans spend online is spent on social media platforms. Developers also can target very specific demographics with Facebook ads and other social media sites, which yields a better ROI than […]

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Creating your very own native app just got even easier! PapTap’s website is now easier to use and perfectly designed to help you create your very own customized native app.