Clients’ Loyalty – Expectations vs. Reality


We constantly hear how technology can improve the customer experience. However, most of us are still confined to the realm of social media, promotions, brochures, and conferences to attract clients. Even though almost every time one enters a retail shop, they are offered a loyalty card or to join a […]

Branded Relationships Builder for the hotels industry

A hotel is where people can rest and rejuvenate, enjoy special times with loved ones and create new memories. As a hotel owner, you need to get ahead of the curve, increase value, stand out, and add your personal touch. At the end of the day, you want to show […]

Building a Members Club to boost customer retention

Customer retention is the key to increase sales; existing customers are much more profitable than new customers while acquiring new customers is on average 5 times more costly than keeping existing ones. The membership model is fundamental for customer retention, but having a membership is not enough; the question is […]

Automated Loyalty Program – The Way to the Future

Recent research has shown that despite the huge number of loyalty memberships – almost 4 billion(!) in the US alone – the number of active memberships is actually falling. Retailers must respond to this fundamental changes in lifestyle in recent years; people live “on the go”, always connected to the […]

The complete guide for creating the best loyalty program for SMB’s

Most SMB’s have the same basic goal – to increase their income. If this sounds right to you, a good loyalty program can help you increase retention, sales, and revenue. It takes much of your time and budget to attract new clients while retaining clients is the best course of […]

Announcing bobile’s collaborations with Shutterstock

Take your app branding to the next level bobile is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Shutterstock – a leading global provider of high-quality licensed photographs, vectors, and illustrations with over 250 million images available. The entire Shutterstock collection will be available to bobile’s clients for a one-time payment of $99 […]

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Loyalty Points for Small Business?

  Nowadays, loyalty programs are among the main foundations of any marketing strategy. They come in many shapes and sizes but essentially, they have all the same objective: retaining customers. So what are loyalty points? Loyalty programs are marketing strategies designed to encourage customers to engage with a brand, to […]

Local Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

The internet and the mobile age offer many advantages for local business owners and in particular the dining industry. The success of social media, video content and mobile apps make it easier than ever to promote businesses in the food industry with little to zero costs. Here are a few […]

Developing Branded Relationships Using Emotions

Emotional branding is based on the observation that “People buy on emotion and justify with logic”. Businesses have realized that it is not enough to push and advertise a company’s products or services; it is necessary to develop relationships between the brand and its clients. These relationships are emotion-based and […]

How Customer Loyalty Influences Companies’ Profits

Everywhere there is talk about the importance of customer loyalty; it is the current marketing buzzword, especially in online marketing. But is it really so important? Is there any data or statistics that back up this assumption? Continue reading to learn more about the relationship between loyal customers and the […]