Flat fee. No hidden costs.
All inclusive.

Get 14 days trial and 30 days money back guarantee

Billed Annually
( 420 USD a year )

Auto-engaging members club

Make your business a native part of your clients’ phone with an automated members’ club designed to increase sales, retention, and revenue

Membership tiers

Increasing the value of the rewards as the customer moves up the loyalty ladder.

Behavior based rewards

Clients earn points, based on pre-defined events. Each event provides clients with behavior-based rewards as part of your client success plan – a discount, a freebie, or a special treatment.

Automated Reward Program

Surprise your clients with rewards (points, scratch cards) that are granted automatically with actions taken within the app, such as paying for a product or booking an appointment.


Make it easier for clients to choose your business time and time again. A subscription business model keeps your revenue steady, improved margins, and helps you manage inventory and schedule.

Punch Passes

Pre-paid loyalty cards to increase recurring shopping and booking. Enable your clients to punch a card with a QR code, geo-location, manually or with a purchase or booking within the app

Loyalty Cards

Pre-paid loyalty cards to increase recurring shopping and booking. Enable your clients to punch a card with a QR code, geo-location, manually or with a purchase or booking within the app.


A virtual version of the famous scratch card games. Clients scratch the grey area and find out if they’ve got a winning ticket.

Customized Coupons

Offering discounts on your mobile app is a powerful marketing tool. Use coupons as a way to encourage customers to buy more and promote new and hard-to-sell products

Statistics and Actions

See how your clients move up your sales funnel and get full statistics information on clients’ engagement with new analytic tools.

Mobile Admin App

Manage and edit your app, engage clients and stay on top of your business from the palm of your hand.

Push Notification Campaigns

Send clients updates about your business, announce new products, and greet them on holidays and special occasions
You can schedule notifications or send them immediately.

Geo Fencing

Send push notifications with special promotions or offers to users who are located in a specific radius of your business location.

Mobile Booking

Use the Booking feature to manage and track your business schedule.
Create one-time or recurring appointment, paid/non-paid meetings or yearly/monthly prepaid subscriptions
Offer clients mobile self-booking for individual appointments, group sessions, and classes and use notifications for reminders.

Calendar Sync

Seamlessly synchronize your Google Calendar, iCloud and Outlook calendars with your mobile app.
When using the booking feature, your clients will only be able to self-book the available spots.

Mobile E-Commerce

Get the ultimate shopping experience with online orders & sales tracking, flexible shipping methods, a variety of currencies, and unlimited products and categories. All credit cards & PayPal are accepted and no fees or commissions are applied.

Invoicing & Payment Request

Send a payment request to anyone who places an order in your mobile shop, scheduled an appointment, joined a class and more.
All with zero commission from bobile’s side.

File Exchanging

Send and receive files from clients. Select an existing file or create a customized document with images, videos, audios, rich text formats, links, and more.

Live Chat

Offer quick clients service with a personal touch. The Live Chat feature enables you to be available for clients and enable them to contact you anytime and anywhere. Resolve issues quickly and efficiently, gather user feedback, address clients’ requests, and provide personalized clients support.

Online Service Integrations

Link your online services such as delivery, online booking, shipping services and more. A designated app page will be created with the service.

Freehand Screens

Complete freedom to code using HTML, Javascript or CSS with an unlimited number of pages. You can add any elements, layouts, design, content, and features you wish.

Clients Reviews

Enable your customer to review, rate, recommend and provide feedback for your services and employees to increase credibility and quality of service.

Fully Customizable

Pick from over 200 beautiful themes, different layouts and menu options to create an app that fits your business look and feel.

Engaging App Layouts

Choose various layouts that focus on key features with a call-to-action experience that encourages your clients to make a purchase, schedule an appointment, contact you, redeem a reward, and more…

100% iOS & Android Native App

Get a 100% native app that is designed specifically to fit both iOS and Android. The two versions are in consideration with the particular features of the two platforms and based on their user-interface patterns.

Google Play Submission

We will guide you through each step of opening a Google developer account and submitting your app to Google Play. With each change you make in the app, it will be automatically updated in Google Play.

Apple Submission

We will guide you through the process of opening an Apple developers account and submitting your app to iTunes. After that, the app will automatically be updated with each change you make.