Branded Relationships Builder for your Coffee Shop

Want the world to know you serve the best coffee in town? Are you looking to increase traffic to your Café by offering special discounts and promotions? Do you wish you could return the investments on advertising activities for your business? Want your clients to come back again and again? […]

Build Brand Relationships with bobile

You are spending most of your time and energy to get clients through your door for the first time, but how do you turn this into a longterm relationship? bobile helps you to overcome your knowledge gap and lack of resources to do what enterprises do on regular bases to keep their clients. bobile’s Branded Relationships Builder […]

Branded Relationships Builder for your Dental Clinic

dental app

Autonomous Members Club for Dentists & Clinics Your dental practice is your pride and joy, reflecting all the years of experience, resources, and attention you dedicated to creating a place that promotes dental health and provides your patients with everything they need to keep smiling. How do you make sure everybody […]

Embed a Questionnaire in your app

Quiz App Maker

Easily collect information on the go from the comfort of your mobile device Forms are one of the best ways to gather data, conduct research. monitor customer satisfaction or capture leads at your event or trade show booth. Ask whatever questions you want, collect data in different formats with a […]

How to create an app from scratch?

How to Make an App from Scratch

  bobile’s native mobile apps offer you another channel for your business, to engage with clients, increase loyalty, retention, and sales. Create an app to enable your customers to buy products, order services, receive benefits, book appointments, contact you directly and much more. With bobile’s app builder, you can make an […]

App Builder Reviews

App Builder Reviews

We appreciate all of our clients’ comments and feedback! Here is some of the reviews we received: This was my first experience in app building. With bobile I’ve my first app in several steps without special knowledge. Of course, it was not a complex app with great functionality. But I was […]

Branded Relationships Builder for Spa

Create an app for spa

You created a place where people can rest and rejuvenate, enjoy special times with loved ones and take care of their bodies and souls. You strive to constantly grow, reach out to new audiences, offer new products and services and make sure potential clients can locate your business and engage […]

Branded Relationships Builder for a Bakery

Bakery App

Are you a bakery owner? Professional baker? Home baker? Entrepreneur? retailer of baking ingredients? Then this is the perfect solution for you! With bobile, you can get a customized and easy to navigate autonomous Members Club. bobile’s platform enables you to create relationships that are necessary for your business and will help to transform […]

What is Geo Targeting

Geo targeting app builder

What is Geo-Location? The term ‘Geo-Location’ refers to the geographical data (latitude and longitude) of the location of the device. The term refers to functions related to user location data that is usually used to obtain information about the current position of objects, as well as their routes. How does […]

Branded Relationships Builder for Hair Stylists & Beauty Salons

beauty app

Style up your business with bobile’s salon Relationship builder. You treat every client like royalty, carefully choose the right hairstyle and color for them and do everything to bring a smile to their faces. We know that you don’t compromise on style and that you’re always looking for the next […]