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How to use mobile coupons to increase sales

27 August 2018

Research shows that digital coupons are enjoying an increase in popularity in past few years. This is understandable, as coupons serve as a great way to engage with clients and offer them real value and savings.

Statistics show that mobile users are more likely to open promotional emails offering coupons and are more likely to proceed to purchase. Also, on average, almost every mobile user in the world makes at least one coupon search per year.

It is quite obvious that business owners can benefit greatly from offering mobile coupons. But how can you make this strategy work for you and your business? Here are a 5 simple tips that can boost engagement and sales using bobile’s Coupons feature:

  1. Set goals for your coupon promotion
    The difference between a successful coupon promotion and a failure on is simple – strategy. Before considering the type of offering or who to offer it to, set clear and simple goals for the campaign. Try and keep realistic expectations (since you are still getting the hang of it) and provide relatively simple offers that you can afford as a first step.
  2. Define the target audience
    Getting to know your target audience is a must in every marketing campaign. Try to define who your target audience is, their demographics, active hours, etc. This way, you can maximize the odds of your users by responding to your offer.
  3. Prefer limited-time coupons
    Humans will always want something more if they know it’s exclusive or about to run out. This is human behavior and well backed by psychological research.  That’s why offering a one-time or limited time coupon or sale can definitely increase engagement and also make sure that the offer is cost effective for you and doesn’t last more than you can afford.
  4. Make it worthwhile for a while
    A coupon or offer seem more attractive to customers if they include long-term benefits. A great example for such benefit is memberships or loyalty plans. Offering credit or points for future purchases is one way to do it, along with discounts on joining member clubs or exclusive benefits for members.
  5. Incorporate social media in your coupon promotion
    To be effective, you have to make social media a substantive part of your advertising strategy. Consider using all the relevant social media platforms and also consider using video platforms if relevant. Don’t forget to grow your reach by linking your ads to one another, so that your site leads to social media and vice-versa. This will also make the purchasing process much easier.

The key word is Value

In today’s busy world, consumers are constantly bombarded with messages and offers. Remember that at the end of the day, a coupon serves as a promotional tool for you but needs to provide real value and be relevant. Advertise wisely, to the right people and offer them real benefits to truly enjoy the huge potential of coupons.