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Bakery App

28 June 2017
Bakery App

Recently among the world’s bakery brands, a new fashion fad has emerged – the promotion of brands and products through applications for smartphones and tablets. Million people use their smartphones and tablets buying thousands of applications in mobile app stores.

And world bakery brands use this opportunity to promote their business and thus attract new customers. So you can use the application to promote your business too! Create an app for your demands! And our platform Bobile is the best place to make your own mobile application for bakery.

This application tool is necessary for your business and will help to attract new clients. Make your application for iPhones or smartphones with Android. Fill it with a catalogue of your bakery products. Using bakery application your clients can order your goods in 5 minutes, add them to their order, buy through the app and choose the way of delivery.

  1. The interface of the mobile application is convenient and intuitive. This is very easy to use service allows proving the communication process not only with customers but with your distributors too. Add gallery with photos of your goods and prices for them.
  2. Integrate chat in your app so your clients can make orders using this function. Customers can send photos and details for their orders; also they can discuss their order directly with the baker.
  3. The application should contain all necessary contact information for the best communication with clients such as address, telephone number, social links, e-mail and etc. Your customers can write their feedbacks in an application, let people know about your experience of work.
  4. Use an application to communicate with your clients, organize a different event or even master classes for them and send all information with push notifications.

With mobile application for café you can easily organize any event and invite clients through the application – Cafe App.

Add new receipts for the clients or even educational videos of master classes. Create bonus system for loyal customers with your bakery app. With bakery application for smartphones and tablets, you can increase the number of loyal and potential clients, simplify the system of order your goods and offer different ways of delivery. Sell your bread, delicious cakes, mouth-watering muffins and cookies at any time and any place with bakery application.

Why should you prefer our platform to create your application?

  1. We offer you the cheapest price
  2. Great experience of creating different apps
  3. Individual approach to each client
  4. Detailed and very friendly customer service
  5. Flexible tariffs
  6. Trial period for clients

What should you do to be our client?

You should be registered in our service. To start your mobile app creating activity please click here CREATE A MOBILE APP.
If you have any questions and for more information or chatting with our service please click here: bobile Blog

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