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Shopping Cart Members Club

12 June 2017
Shopping Cart App Builder

Shopping Made Easy and Fun!  

Online shoppers nowadays want to have a different buying experience. They want to make sure they don’t forget to buy everything they need, but at the same time, they also don’t want to spend too much.

Creating a shopping list is one way to make it work.  However, we don’t always remember to write everything down, or we are unable to cross off items we already purchased, making our shopping lists long and hard to navigate through.

A Mobile Shopping List that Works for You

bobile’s Members Club allows you to capture and manage your necessary purchases. These programs, running on Android and iOS platforms, can save precious time and efforts of keeping track of everything you need.

In addition, it enables you to create and save several lists on your device for different purposes, so all you need to do is choose the right list and start shopping.

Explore, Compare and Buy on-the-go

You can also filter and browse products using different criteria, explore product characteristics and reviews, and most importantly – compare prices in various online and offline stores. Once you find a store that you want to visit, you can easily get the geo-location of that store.

Another useful tool for shopping is a scanning tool for barcodes and QR codes. Simply scan the product code and compare prices in different stores.

We also value esthetics and usability and offer the most popular  themes and design templates on our platform.

Keep Track of Sales and Discounts

Use statistic reports to keep track of your orders and manage your inventory. See how clients are using your apps, grant special discounts and offers and follow up on orders. 

See What others are Buying

Watch wish lists of other users and save the products you are interested in. You can also integrate a live chat into your app, share photos of interesting products and offers and send discounts to your family and friends. If an online store you are following has a new interesting offer or starts a sale, the app will let you know, so you can enjoy it before everybody else.

Get Rewards and Gifts

Clients earn points and exchange them for gifts. Points are awarded for checking in partner stores and scanning product barcodes. Once a certain number of points is accumulated, you can get a gift or a gift certificate from the seller.

Why use bobile’s Relationship Builder?

Our platform is easy to use and doesn’t require any previous programming knowledge. It is easy to use and allows you to create stunning and personally branded Members Clubs in a few simple steps. We also have a dedicated support team available to answer every question.


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