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Hair Salon App

20 June 2017
Hair Salon App

Make a new turn in style direction. Hair salon app will make the business of your hairdresser or beauty salon more efficient and stylish. Hair salon app offers all the necessary functions for a hairdresser in one package.

  1. How do you store all necessary data about your hair salon and clients? This application can help you to store all these necessary information: client’s information, time of visits, receipts of colors for each client, schedule of the whole salon.
  2. An application helps to create a database of clients. You can write down the recipes of colors, purchased products or other personal information.
  3. The application gives an opportunity to transfer of contact by one click from the phone book to the application. You can call and send email and files to customers without leaving a app.
  4. With bobile you can create your application for IOS or Android. Keep in touch with your customers 24/7. Hair salon application is very simple to understand and use.

Hair stylist app will become your indispensable assistant – Hair stylist App.

Thanks to the application, you are able to introduce a bonus system for regular customers in your salon, which significantly improved the quality of service of permanent customers and attracting new customers. With push-notification in application remind clients about time of visits; send information of new services, new products and other necessary information.

  • Integrate social links to your application and you can know all the birthdays of customers, congratulate them and give or send gifts, thereby stimulating “word of mouth”.
  • Also, having a complete database, you can work with clients who for some reason stopped visiting salon, thus raising the percentage of clients’ return.
  • Add direct links of your hairdressers to the app, add chatting and clients have a good opportunity to communicate and discuss details of their visits, send photos of wanted hairdos.


Why should you prefer our platform to create your application?

  1. We offer you the cheapest price
  2. Great experience of creating different apps
  3. Individual approach to each client
  4. Detailed and very friendly customer service
  5. Flexible tariffs
  6. Trial period for clients

What should you do to be our client?

You should be registered in our service. To start your mobile app creating activity please click here CREATE A MOBILE APP.
If you have any questions and for more information or chatting with our service please click here: Bobile Blog

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