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Build an Hair & Beauty Salon App

20 June 2017
make an app for hair & beauty salon

Style up your business with bobile’s salon app creator.

Running a beauty salon nowadays requires more than an eye for style. Salon owners need to keep track of all kinds of data – staff schedules, client appointments and reminders, client information and history and even hair color and style preferences. No wonder keeping up with all this information can be challenging for business owners.

bobile’s hair salon app builder does all those things for you, so you can focus on what you love – style, beauty and making people happy.

Our app builder was designed especially for small businesses such as your hair salon, and it allows you to create your own indispensable assistant, offering all the must-have features and functions for a hair salon in one package.

Benefits and Unique Features of our Salon App Maker:

  • Create online appointment booking system for clients.
  • Use push notification to remind clients about appointments and offer new services and products.
  • Collect and store client information – purchase history, appointments and other valuable data to grow your business and optimize customer relations.
  • Import contact information from your smartphone, so you can call or email your clients directly from the app.
  • Introduce bonus systems and special offers for regular customers and to attract new ones.
  • Integrate social links to the app to receive real-time information about your clients and offer personalized coupons, deals, etc.
  • Build and track staff scheduled for the whole salon.

Why should you choose our platform to build a hair & beauty salon app?

  • Competitive prices and flexible payment plans.
  • Intuitive and easy to use app builder, compatible with IOS or Android.
  • Anyone can use our platform – no coding knowledge required.
  • Great user experience and attentive customer service.
  • A free trial period for new clients.

What next?

Simply register for our service and start creating your own stylish hair salon app.

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