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The Perfect Workspace: An Office Makeover in 6 Steps

10 May 2016

Your working environment is one of the biggest factors that affect how productive you and your workers can be. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing some renovating to your current office space, or moving to a new building so you can get your business up and running – Either way, you want to create the ideal workspace, that’s both productive and aesthetically pleasing to you and to your employees.

There are many factors that go into designing a perfect working environment, but if you’ll follow these 6 simple steps – You’ll be surprised to see the difference it makes when you spend your time in an aesthetic and tidy area instead of in an unorganized and cluttered room.

1.      Choose the right wall colors and wall art

The color choice for your walls can actually play a large factor in whether or not you and your employees are productive. For example, you don’t want to have dull or greyish colors that seem depressing. Try using bright color options when first painting the walls and hang some interesting pictures or art on them.

2.      Pay attention to lighting

Dark workspaces are depressing and tiring. If you don’t have very good natural light or a nice and pleasing view from your desk, try placing it near the windows in order to add some natural lighting and something interesting to look at.

3.      Invest in a great chair

As most of us spend at least eight hours a day in an office chair in front of a computer screen, it isn’t surprising that we suffer from back pain! Your office chair will make or break your overall working experience and it’s important to invest in a good one even if it’s expensive. The more you pay for it, the better it will be. Remember that if you are comfortable at work, you are more likely to be productive and efficient.

4.      Create a “Break Area”

Breaks improve efficiency and creativity, therefore, a “break area” is extremely important. It should be a place that your employees actually want to be at during their break time. Try adding things that relieve stress and add convenience, like a coffee machine, a TV, games, sweets – these are small perks, but every little bit helps.

5.      Add some green!

Adding potted plants improves the aesthetics of your workplace. Besides, studies have shown that the presence of a plant at home or in the work place can actually reduce stress.

6.      Get rid of unnecessary items

Clutter is a big aesthetic problem. Cluttered workspaces usually cause cluttered thinking. When you work in a messy and unorganized environment, your mind will never be as clear as it could be. Get rid of the mess and always keep your desk neat and tidy.

Finally, try discussing what could make your employees happier and more comfortable in their current workspaces, and take it into consideration. Let’s admit it – we all have to work, right? Wouldn’t it be awesome if we also love the space we’re in?

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