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Promote value by ensuring a reliable
source of income

A subscription business model offers several operational benefits, including better marketing results, higher client retention rates, improved margins, and easy inventory and schedule management.

Create various subscription options limited in time and number of used, billing, renewal and expiration, as well as the cancellation policy.

SMB’s do a lot of upfront marketing work to get clients to opt-in. Then, the value of the product keeps them subscribed, producing recurring revenue for business’ brand.

Customize the subscriptions to fit the business needs

With various option SMB’s can create exactly what they need – a daily/monthly/yearly subscription, unlimited time and number of entries, or for a limited period with a set number of uses per a period of time. Set the billing to be one-time or with autorenewal, with a pre-defined expiration date or unlimited, and set the cancellation policy as they wish.

Steady and recurring revenue that simplifies financial forecasting

A subscription business model keeps revenue steady and prevents clients from window-shopping other brands. Review how many clients the business have, make better estimates around supply, employees work schedule and the services to offer and optimize the business to actually meet demands.

Increase clients’ loyalty

With a subscription, SMB’s make clients’ lives easier. They don’t have to remember to purchase an item on time, to research what and where to consume products or services, or even visit the website or shop. All they need to do is sign up, sit back and enjoy their subscription.

Clients touchpoints to enhance a personal touch

When clients subscribe, they’re engaged with the brand on a regular basis. This consistent engagement makes the business a part of their life in a way that feels very personal – like a relationship. Each encounter is an opportunity to deepen the relationship with that client.