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bobile’s platform is packed with features, specially designed for SMBs, that work for them and help them grow their business. Take a look…

Mobile Booking

Set bookings and manage your business' schedule

  • Manage & track appointments
  • Offer clients mobile self-booking
  • Reduce no-shows using reminders
  • Book recurring appointments
  • Manage & enable group scheduling
  • Create paid meetings and yearly/monthly prepaid subscriptions or punch cards
  • Sync with existing calendars

Members Club

Make your business a native part of your clients’ phone

  • An automated reward program
  • Flexible membership tiers
  • Digital Punch Cards
  • Virtual Scratch Cards
  • A comprehensive statistics and activities dashboard

Mobile Shop

The ultimate shopping experience

  • Online orders & sales tracking
  • Flexible shipping methods
  • Variety of currencies
  • Unlimited products and categories
  • All credit cards & PayPal accepted
  • Shopping cart and express checkout
  • Featured products
  • No fees or commissions
  • Sales-boosting marketing tools

Custom forms

Create customized forms to increase customers engagement

  • Create various types of forms, such as questionnaires and surveys
  • Fully customize your form with unlimited elements
  • Dedicated analytics dashboard for each form
  • Create unlimited forms and questionnaires
  • Gather leads, valuable information, and engage with clients


A powerful
markting tool
to increase

  • Attract new clients
  • Increase engagements
  • Promote hard-to-sell products and services
  • Endorse new products and services

Clients Interaction

Easily manage interactions with current and potential customers

  • Enhanced data base administration
  • Follow up of each customer’s activities within your app
  • Boost customer service and communication
  • Improve the efficiency of how you interact with clients

Push Notifications

Communicate with clients and increase engagement

  • Send instant or scheduled messages
  • Set recurring reminders on daily / weekly / monthly / annual bases
  • Geo-location triggered
  • Engage customers on special occasions and holidays
  • Promote coupons, loyalty cards, products, news, and announcements


Let your customers tell you what they think

  • Enable customer to review, rate, recommend and provide feedback
  • Feedback will be displayed for the services and employees
  • Develop closer relationships with clients build on trust
  • Increase credibility and quality of service

Web View

Display your own website within your app

  • Add a link to a landing page or a website
  • Enable customers to browse a website while still in the app
  • Display websites content, forms, special services or anything else required

Freehand Screens

Create whatever you dream of

  • Complete freedom to code using HTML, Javascript or CSS
  • Unlimited number of pages
  • Add any elements, layouts, design, content and features you wish

Additional Features


  • Enable business owners to Invite multiple people to edit and manage their app from their own bobile accounts.
  • Delegate assignments for employees to manage orders from the mobile shop or manage the booking calendar.
  • Grant team members and employees permission to contribute to the app, and limit their access based on the business’ needs.
  • The business owners can create as many custom roles as they wish with different levels of permissions for every business need.
  • Manually apply the same permission set over and over to each user as you add them to the app with minimum time and effort.

Payment Request

  • Send a payment request to anyone who places an order in the mobile shop, scheduled an appointment, joined a class and more.
  • Zero commission from bobile’s side.
  • Customers can pay using PayPal, credit cards and even cash to ensure the business owner receives payments quickly and efficiently in the most secures manner.
  • Customize payment request to fit particular business needs and use automated push notifications to establish a weekly or monthly based payment reminder.
  • Customers will get a direct payment link for a quicker and easier payment

File Sharing

  • Send and receive files from customers – articles, personal content, images, videos or anything else to share personally.
  • Select an existing file or create a customized document with images, videos, audios, rich text formats, links, and more.
  • Customer will be notified immediately with a push message and the files will be kept in their personal zone.

Live Chat

  • Don’t ever miss a sale! Business owners can be available constantly for customers to be contacted via the mobile app with in-app messaging.
  • Resolve issues quickly and efficiently, gather user feedback, address customer requests, and provide personalized customer support.
  • Grow sales by providing immediate access to genuine customer support – with a personal touch!