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Punch pass

A business model for increasing
revenue per client

For small businesses every minute and every dollar counts. Punch passes save them time (and money) dealing with payments and checking in clients.

Punch Passes enable them to have a clearer forecast of the demand for their product and services and manage their inventory and business schedule accordingly.

Punch Passes are a simple and flexible way for SMB’s clients to purchase their products and services comfortably. Their clients can pay in advance from their smartphone with no hassle.

Save time, and get more

Returning clients are much more valuable. They tend to spend a lot more than first-timers when they come back in, if provided a good experience. And Punch Passes are fast where it counts – clients can easily pay for their recurring purchases with a fast check-in process – pay once on the mobile phone and it’s good to go.

Customize Punch Passes

Tailor the pass to clients’ and the business’ needs – set the number of punches, expiration, limit the usage and select different ways for clients to redeem – scan a QR code, geo-location based, or manually.

Paper is the worst

Traditional printed punch cards are a pain to manage and track. Clients can easily lose them or forget about them, and it’s pretty impossible to evaluate their value. With digital Punch Passes, SMB’s owners can track and reward their clients for repeat purchases and visits.

It helps with client’s relationships

Establish deeper relationships with clients if they come in more often. Clients are more likely to come in a lot and talk up the business to their friends, if it is made easier for them.