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Create whatever you dream of

We at bobile developed an enhanced app creating platform to provide business owners with whatever they need to fit their business needs. We add features and update it constantly. We enable them to extend the functionality of their app by building exactly what they need.

Create robust app pages, whatever you wish, no limits. All you need is to create the code and implement it in the freehand app page.

Business owners can develop new features, components, and tools to provide their clients with the most comprehensive app possible.

How to use the
Freehand Screens feature:

BUY Pizza

Build Your Own Pizza is an app page as part of a pizza delivery app. It enables clients to order a custom-made pizza – choose the size, crust, topping, and extras to create a combination of their choice, as well as set the delivery parameters.

Freehand screen features on your mobile app
Freehand screen on mobile app


This app page is part of an app of a physical therapy clinic. It enables the therapists to provide clients with exercises for specific target body area. Clients choose a body area and receive exercises and additional information to support their treatments.

Stroll in Paris

The app owner created this app page to embed a Google map within the traveling agency’s app. The app page contains recommendations and important information to provide its clients an additional service straight to their mobile phone.

Freehand screen feature on mobile app
Restaurant booking app – freehand screens

Book a table

This app page was created to simplify the process of booking a table at a restaurant. Clients can choose the number of guests, date and meal type to preview the available time slots at the restaurant. Once reserved, the restaurant can manage its booking schedule, and the clients receive reminder notifications prior to the date of reservation.