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Loyalty Cards

Increase clients' loyalty and retention

Consumers are five times more likely to become loyal and spend 60% more on each purchase.

Increase clients’ visit frequency, retention, and loyalty and keep them engaged using customized rewards. Easily reward clients for recurring visits/purchasing.

You can use this feature to promote new and hard-to-sell products, introduce new products or offer incentives for returning business

Various types of Loyalty Cards

Loyalty Card Plan 10 + 1: The most common Loyalty Program – encourages recurring sales. The concept is simple: buy 10 and get the 11th FREE.

Discount Plan 10 + %: The discount plan offers a percentage off the 11th purchase. This can be either applied to a specific product or an entire purchase.

Rewards Plan 10 + Gift: Reward your clients with a gift based on prior purchases. Buy 10 items or services and get a free gift.

Cardless loyalty system, based on smartphones & tablets

While printed loyalty cards can be forgotten on the refrigerator door or lost in a cluttered wallet, your app is always right there in your clients’ smartphone.

Our digital loyalty system enables your clients to hold several cards, tailored to their purchasing needs and preferences.

Customized reward plans for your business

bobile provides you with the most popular and useful Loyalty Cards formats and you simply fill in the number of stamps and the rewards you wish to offer your clients.