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Changes in Apple’s Policies – Developer Account Required

28 March 2017

Due to Apple’s policies, in order to have your app on iTunes you required to create your own Apple Developer Account for $99/year and assign us as “agents”. We will then handle the rest of the submission process and keep your app updated.

How to create Apple Developer Account?

If you don’t have yet an Apple ID, click here to create one.

After creating an Apple ID, go to your workspace on

Now, you have 2 options:

On your home section, click the Acquire button near the Apple icon.

Publish mobile app on iTunes

The other option is to go to the App Stores section and the Store Listing tab. Than, scroll down and click on the “Click here to register Apple developer account” link. This will open a simple wizard, guiding you through all Developer Account 6 creation steps. Simply follow the instructions.

Publish mobile app on iTunes

Publish mobile app on iTunes

Good luck!