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10 May 2016

Introducing our brand new website!

Creating your very own native app just got even easier! bobile’s website is now easier to use and perfectly designed to help you create your very own customized native app.
bobile still has all of the same great features and options that make it simple for anyone to create a stunning and functional app, but now our website has a new look to match.

What’s new, then?

Our site is now divided into sections, allowing you to access information based on your own choice by using the side bar menu:

Home – The fastest way to create your app, simply click on «Create My App» and follow the instructions on our super simple 2 step wizard!

What is bobile – Here you will find detailed information about our company and about our platform. In addition, you can click on «More About Us», to get to know us better!

Why bobile – This is the place to find out why bobile is the most innovative platform for creating mobile apps. Here you will find out what it is that we provide – that no one else does.

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How It Works – Check out our YouTube video which explains the process of creating an app for your business.

Our Plans – Here is a detailed description of our unmatched pricing plans.

App Gallery – A selection of our favorite apps made by our users on different categories. Visit the App Gallery if you want some inspiration or need some visual aid when designing your own app.

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Contact Us & Socialize With Us – Last but not least, a lot of new ways to stay in touch with us!

This may be the first and most important change that we are bringing to you, but it’s certainly not the last one!

Stay tuned, we’re planning a complete makeover in our app creation system!