Mobile Shop

Add a shopping cart to your
mobile app

Our mobile shop features allow you to sell your products worldwide; we provide support for more than 180 currencies, a variety of global payment options, customized tax rates and weight units and more. We also offer flexible shipping methods, allowing you to choose between free shipping, fixed rate, and rate by weight or purchase amount.

Worldwide Sales

The entire world is at your fingertip. Over 180 currencies support and international payment options, customized tax rates and weight units (KG / LB). Set up shipping rates for different destinations with flexible shipping methods: Free shipping, fixed rate, by weight or by purchase amount.

Sell like a pro!

Connect your existing payment gateway and receive payments directly to your PayPal account or your bank account using Stripe. We will not charge you for sales in your app – yes, you heard right –

NO FEES OR COMMISSIONS! It will be just as if you were selling from your own point of sale. Customers will collect products to their shopping cart and simply express checkout with their PayPal account or credit card.

Advanced management
back office

• Flexible product variations: customers can filter products by size, color, type, material, category and other variations, and you can offer different charges and surcharges for specific products and combinations.

• Promote specific products on the main screen of your app and encourage your customers to start shopping as soon as they enter your app.

• Notification tools that will let you know (via email or push notification) on every order in the mobile shop.

• Simple invoicing tools directly from the mobile shop.

More tools to grow your business:

Push messages

Schedule ‘new product’ alerts, create customer groups and send promotions based on prior purchases & interests.

Loyalty programs

Promote new and hard-to-sell products and offer customers incentives to keep them purchasing from your mobile shop.


Encourage customers to keep coming back using coupons. Offer any type of coupon:
1+1, percentage discount or your own customized promotion.

Pages & content types

Many retail app designers focus solely on creating a mobile storefront. Add various types of content, such as an ‘about’ page, contact information, blog feeds and other useful information to help customers find and reach your business conveniently.