Mobile Booking

24/7 mobile booking directly from the app

Enable your customers to book services, appointments or phone calls directly from your app, at their own convenience, even when you’re not available to answer the phone.

Avoid double bookings, short-notice cancellations and time-gaps in between appointments with our powerful Mobile Booking feature.

Offering mobile self-service scheduling will make your business available to customers 24/7, generating more business opportunities using the same resources.

Manage & track
appointments online

With bobile’s booking app builder, you can easily organize your and clients’ booking, cancel and track them using an online calendar of your choice. You can manage the service type, working hours and employee availability by arranging several employee schedules at the same time

  • Manage and track all bookings (schedule, arrange and cancel)
  • Handle multiple employee schedules

Mobile self-booking

Our self-booking features allow customers to schedule and reschedule appointments with the business’ representatives, sign up for events and classes anytime and from any mobile device. Your customers are offered a list of services and booking options, and they can choose the service, preferred time and the employee.

  • Fast self-booking feature
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Available on all Android & iOS devices, tablets & smartphones.

Reduce no-shows using reminders

Our mobile booking app includes unique features such as automatic reminders, designed to organize appointments and eliminate no-shows, last-minute cancellations, and change requests. Instead of spending time on the phone trying to reach the client and confirm appointments, you can automatically send (trigger out) push notifications with all appointment details directly to your customers’ smartphones.

• Personalize automatic reminders

• Minimize last-minute cancellations

• Reduce time spent on change requests

Recurring appointments

Recurring appointments is another feature designed to save time and energy on booking of individual appointments. With our app feature you can schedule recurring appointments automatically (every day, week, month, quarter, etc. and choose a start and end date for any recurrence), and pre-plan your schedule in a reliable and simple way. No more taking notes, taking phone calls or other old-fashioned booking systems!

Group scheduling

bobile offers unique features for both one-on-one appointments and group meetings such as classes, workshops, group workouts and others. With our mobile booking apps, people can join an existing group based on capacity and available time slots. The group scheduling process is completely private and the clients have no information about other clients. It also saves you time by allowing you track the attendee list and their payment status.

• Group booking for multiple participants

• Customized class capacity & open time slots

• Synchronize with existing calendars

Synchronize with existing calendars

With this time-saving tool, you can schedule appointments with a two-way calendar sync and prevent double-bookings. After updating and synchronizing all your available online calendars, each customer’s appointment will automatically appear in all of your digital calendars.

  • Automatic update of available time slots
  • Up-to-date with current calendar data
  • Sync with all popular online calendars: Outlook, Google calendar, and iCal