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How to Build an App that Matches Apple’s Guidelines?

10 May 2016

When you first build your app with bobile, you will be using the «Mobile Beginner» free plan, which gives you the option to publish your app inside the bobile market, making your app visible to all bobile users.

Getting your app published on the bobile market is actually easier than submitting it to Apple’s App Store.

If you decided to submit your app to the App Store, you will first need to upgrade to our Mobile Senior Plan.
Then, there are some essential concepts that you should keep in mind along the way, which will definitely make the submission process a lot shorter.

The Apple App Store has very stringent rules for potential developers and app creators like you, and it’s not surprising that many apps are rejected by Apple’s review team. We suggest that you’ll be extra careful, in order to meet Apple’s guidelines. That way, your app will have a good chance of being accepted.

This is why we’ve created a list of five checkpoints you should follow in order to get your app ready for submission to the Apple Store:

• Keep it organized

We’ve made it super easy for you to create an app in a few minutes, so in fact, all you really have to do is to insert your photos and add your content: the correct layout comes pre-packaged in every design theme we provide.
All of our themes suit Apple’s requirements for layout and design, so you won’t need to worry about this part when you choose to submit your app to Apple.
Our platform ensures that your app content can be viewed without your customer having to zoom in or scroll left and right to see the entire page, the theme’s layout will make sense and be organized.
Our tip is to think of your app as a systematic outline of your business. For instance, if you are creating an app for a restaurant, arrange the screens as they would be on your menu, with different sections for more efficient browsing.

• Make your content mobile-friendly

The text is another element that should be formatted to comfortably view. We suggest that you’ll use at least a size 11 text. Furthermore, avoid using text colors that match the background you chose. For example, don’t use light-colored letters against a white or pale background. Try a darker text instead, so that all the content can be easily viewed. Text should also be spaced so that it is legible and easy to read.

• Choose great images

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Use your graphic design elements for maximum effect by choosing images that really make an impact. Make sure that they are high resolution so that it won’t appear blurry. Plus, use images with respect to their original size. Scaling images to extreme widths or heights can make them appear distorted.

• Use Discretion

Apple has strict rules about the kind of content it accepts. Developers should use caution with the inclusion of any controversial material that may offend other users. Inferences of violence, pornography, explicit language or content that is offensive or mean-spiritedly directed at others will be rejected by Apple’s Review Team.

• Be creative

This checkpoint is optional, but really recommended.
An app that strongly resembles one hundred other apps will not impress those who have the power to approve or reject your app. Mobile applications have been in existence for several years now and the apps that really make an impact on other users are those that bring something new to the table. Even if you are using our platform only to create mobile presence for your business, you still should think of ways to introduce fresh energy and information to your audience. Think about what makes your business different than the others, and make sure to show it in your app.

• Take advantage of what we offer

When you upgrade to bobile’s Mobile Senior plan, you’ll receive some extra features that will enhance your app, like the «Chat» and the «Club» options. You want to make sure you activate those screens.
The more feature screens your app will have – the higher the chances that it’ll be approved by Apple’s review team.

We are 100% sure that if you’ll follow those tips, your app will have better chances of approval.

Remember that the process of submitting your app to Apple’s app store takes about two to three weeks from the moment you upgrade to our Mobile Senior Plan and fill out the submission form until your app is actually available on the App Store.
Good Luck!