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Designing Your App: The Do’s and Don’ts that will Help You do it Right

10 May 2016

Designing an app is a lot of fun, but it also takes a bit of know-how. You might be excited to get started, but before you do, we’d like to offer you a few do’s and don’ts that will probably help you with your app creation process:

Do: Use contrasting colors

Contrasting colors will give your app the enhanced beauty it needs to really pop. If you use a dark background, make sure you use a light font color for the words. The same is true if you use a lighter color for the background; use dark colors for your font.


Don’t: Choose a long app name

Your app name has a really important role- this is how users will discover your app. A simple name that’s easy to remember can bring better search results. Choose an app name that tells what your app does but keep it short by using no more than 14 characters.

Keep it simple and save the descriptive text for the app description. For example “Liza’s Coffee place – great coffee, amazing pastries and healthy salads” is way too long. Using the name «Liza’s Coffee» instead will be much better. Another important thing is to pay attention to grammar and to the use of capital letters in your app name. For example, go for «Liza’s Coffee» and never for «lizas coffee»!


Do: Choose the right image and the right size for your app icon

The app icon is the most important image of your app. This is how your business will appear in your customer’s device. You don’t want your icon image to be stretched out- it will make it look awkward and not at all like your business or your personal logo. App icons are always square, so make sure your image has the same height & width. For example, your app icon should be 250X250. Using a 250X400 image would make a stretched awkward icon.


Don’t: Choose a picture as your app icon

Pictures are great when they’re used in the correct context. However, you want to build your app so that it looks right for your customers and especially on their devices. A picture as an app icon will be difficult to notice, and it could interfere with the rest of your app design.


Do: Include plenty of options (screens)

The goal of your app is to not only demonstrate how professional your business is, but also to provide people with the tools they need when they’re doing business with you. Including things like lots of tutorials, pictures and even a live chat service will help your customers immensely.


Don’t: Go too basic

The more time you put into creating your app, the better your result will be. If you opt for a more basic design, without including a lot of screens and features, you risk losing those potential customers to a competitor who is offering more.


Do: Choose the right category for your app

Choosing a category for your app is like choosing where you want your product to be placed in the supermarket shelf. If you are waffles maker, you wouldn’t want your product to be presented in the cleaning products shelf. People will be using the bobile market to search for the apps they want. If you’re working too fast, you might choose the wrong category, which may harm the success of your app. You want people to find you, so choose carefully!


Don’t: Forget to pay attention to the sub-category

A sub-category option has been built in to help categorize your app even further. Make sure you choose a sub category that makes sense so that people can find you easily. If they’re not sure what your app is about, they may skip yours for one that’s more descriptive.

Do: Update a lot

This will keep you relevant. Most mobile users have a short attention span. Constantly updating and improving your app will help keep your business in the spotlight longer.

Don’t: Settle for mediocrity

Make sure to create the best app that you can! Users won’t come back if your app content is poor or if it’s hard to use.


You’re going to find out that creating an app with bobile is a lot of fun, but it’s also very beneficial for you in helping your business grow. These simple tips can help you create the app you’ve been dreaming of, and make it successful too!

We’re excited to partner with you as you build your business!

Good luck!