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The bobile’s Automatic App Submitter

2 January 2017


bobile’s Submitter – Let Us Do The Work For You

Dreaming about having an app on the app stores?
bobile will make it happen for you. Thanks to our automatic app submission, you can create an app in no time and easily launch it to the app stores. We allow you to publish your app on Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon app stores with just one click. Once you finish editing your app, you can sit back and relax as we’ll do the heavy lifting. Our team will take care of your app submission process.

Once your app is approved by the app stores, you’ll get notified and your customers can find and experience your business on their smartphones and tablets. With bobile, you don’t need: Apple iOS Developer account, various certificates, app configuration – we do all the work. Keep reading to learn how to submit your app to the app stores with bobile.


How It Works

1. Getting Started

The 1st step on the path to the app stores is to register to bobile and create an app. If you don’t yet have an app, simply go to and click CREATE APP. Simply follow the 3-step wizard and view your app-preview in the final step. Note – While creating an app is free, submitting it to the app store requires an account upgrade to one of our premium plans.

2. Preparing Your App for Submission

To receive an app that already contains your unique info, choose to grab information either from your Facebook business page or website. Instead of manually entering your unique content, bobile will automatically build your app based on this data. Considering this automatic process, we still recommend that you verify (and update if needed) your app’s branding and content. We strongly recommend some basic editing tips for you to customize your app and prepare it for submission:

  • Branding – Upload your app’s: name, logo, icon, and welcome image. From Section Edit App, select Tab BRAND.
  • Contact Information – Update your: phone number, business location, and email. From Section Edit App, select Tab UTILITIES.
  • Content – Customize your app with unique content, such as: About Us, Product Catalog, Photo & Video Gallery, PDF Files, Blogs, Social Feed, and more. On your workspace, simply go to Section Edit App.

3. Submitting Your App to The App Stores – Store Listing

The Store Listing section shows the information that appears about your app on the app stores. This is where you manage how your app is presented to the world on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon app stores. It includes your App Icon, app description, why your app is worth downloading, and branding elements (such as your logo). Every app that is submitted to the app stores requires these elements and they consider  them while reviewing each app.

If you directly take content from your Facebook page or website, then the form is automatically pre-filled for you. If you didn’t take any pre-existing content, then manually fill in the form yourself. Also, you can select specific keywords relevant for your business, so that customers can easily find you on the app stores. As soon as you confirm the form, bobile submits your app to the app stores and waits for approval from the app stores. At most, this process may take upto two weeks, after which you’ll receive an email notification the moment the app is approved and launched. You can always check the submission status on your workspace.

Due to Apple’s policies, in order to have your app on iTunes you required to create your own Apple Developer Account. Click here to learn more.


If you still don’t have an app, create a new one with our 3-step app creator, at If you already have an app and account with bobile, upgrade your plan to use the Submitter.
Don’t worry! You can always perform updates (for example: edit and add items) on your app at anytime – even when it’s already on the app stores (iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon). We are very proud of our innovative automatic-submission technology, which has two validated patents in the US. Using bobile, you can create apps and launch them on the app stores anytime, while it being easy, fast, and having a little fun along the way!



Let the Submitter take care of all the hard work so you can be worry-free and concentrate on what’s important – increasing your revenues.