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What’s Better for Your Business: A Native App or a Web App?

10 May 2016

Businesses of all sizes benefit from offering a useful, well-designed app to their customers and potential customers.

Here are five reasons you why you should create your own:

•    A Mobile app is an effective and low-cost marketing tool
•    It helps you build your brand and increase your visibility
•    You’ll have a 24/7 connection to your app users
•    It keeps your app users informed about specials, sales and other events
•    It strengthens relationships with customers and potential customers

How to Decide Between a Native App and a Web App?

When it comes to apps for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, there are two choices:

Native Apps – Are installed directly onto the mobile device.
Web Apps – Are accessed through the mobile device’s Web browser.

Native Apps have a number of benefits over web-based Apps. Here are just a few:

They are Easy to Find – Native apps are downloaded from places like Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Sore. bobile also has an app store, The bobile Market, where all approved apps built with bobile are available for free.
With web-based apps, there is no central location to find them.

Their Quality is Higher – Native apps must be approved by App stores, before they are available for download. This guarantees a level of quality and safety, which web-based apps do not offer.

They are Faster – Native apps are downloaded on the mobile device, therefore, they typically run faster and perform better than web-based apps.

They offer Better Integration – Native apps can interface with other device features, like the camera, the GPS, the accelerometer, the compass, the list of contacts and more.
Web-based apps have limited ability to integrate.

They Don’t Require Internet Connection – Web-based apps are tethered to the Internet. If the connection is lost, the app stops working. Native apps only rely on the Internet to receive updates. They can run anywhere and anytime, with or without an Internet connection.

So, are you ready to build your own app and share it with your customers?
bobile’s app creator lets you design a professional-grade native app for free. You can have a great app ready to be approved and marketed in the bobile Market in as little as ten minutes. For tips on getting started, see our blog post, «Ready to Have Your Own App? Here are 5 Tips to Get You Started.»
Do you want to include e-commerce features on your app, or submit it to the Apple and Google app stores? We offer upgrades that enable you to do just that!

So what are you waiting for – create your native app now!