Garner the Attention You Deserve

Keep your audience informed and engaged with a rich content app


In today’s world, it is harder to grab audience’s attention and come up with content that not just brings in more attention but allows for genuine engagement. Stay in touch with your audience by creating a content app for your blog, magazine, radio station or live music channel. Add audio and video playlists, favorite TV channels and link radio or live streaming sources.

100% native app for both iOS, and Android with automatic updates to the app stores, following each change you make in your app

No coding is required to create and customize your app

Introduce your business to the world – add stream radio, broadcasts, and playlists, upload PDF files, share videos, quotes, and use the slider carousel to display your content

Thanks to our automatic app submission, you can create an app and launch it on Google Play and iTunes (requires creating a developers account with Apple) in no time

See a live preview of your app with every change you make, manage and streamline different elements of your initiative with bobile’s App Admin

Control Every Aspect
of Your App in Real Time

  • Enrich your app with unlimited customizes content pages your personal content and media
  • Adjust and update your style, theme and branding elements
  • Enjoy various layout options that will encourage your audience to consume and enjoy your content

bobile Apps enable you to keep your app fresh and relevant for genuine engagement.

Backed by a unique patented technology, bobile provides a fast and easy-to-use platform to create your app with the fraction of the costs and efforts.

All you need to do is register to the free trial, fill a few fields, add a few images, download bobile’s App Admin, and you’ve got your own content app.