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How to Choose a Logo Design That is Perfect For Your Business


When thinking about a new logo design, the symbol that you’ll choose to represent your business is inseparable from how people experience your products and services. Your logo design has the power to influence the mood, curiosity and engagement of potential customers and clients.
It should be simple, versatile, memorable and unique.
So, how do you choose a logo design that is perfect for your business?

Managing a Facebook page for Your Business: An A-to-Z Guide


The purpose of today’s blog post is to help you learn how to manage a great Facebook page for your small business and turn your Facebook page into your most reliable social media marketing tool. Let’s start with a few basic steps you should take when creating your page

10 Tips That Will Make Your Small Business Successful


Owning a small business is no picnic. According to SCORE, a non-profit business counseling organization, only about half of small businesses survive beyond 5 years. You can help your small business be part of the successful half with these 10 tips we’ve collected

New. Innovative. Easy. Simple. AWESOME.


Creating your very own native app just got even easier! PapTap’s website is now easier to use and perfectly designed to help you create your very own customized native app.

iPhone 6: We’ve collected all the latest gossip right here!


The rumors and gossips about the new iPhone are everywhere and we’ve decided to collect them all into our blog, for your convenience!

The most important thing you need to know is that your PapTap app will keep working great on any iOS version.

Designing Your App: The Do’s and Don’ts that will Help You do it Right


Designing an app is a lot of fun, but it also takes a bit of know-how. You might be excited to get started, but before you do, we’d like to offer you a few do’s and don’ts that will probably help you with your app creation process:

A Nation Gone Mobile: 10 Mind-Blowing Facts about Mobile Usage


No one was especially surprised when CNN announced in January that, for the first time, smartphones and tablets had overtaken PCs for internet access – least of all millennial, a whopping 76% of whom own smartphones compared to about 50% for the entire population. That same report indicated that about 50% of responders won’t come back to any website that doesn’t work on their mobile phones.

What most Americans (and many marketers) don’t know are the facts which underlie the big statistics.

How to Build an App that Matches Apple’s Guidelines?


When you first build your app with PapTap, you will be using the „Mobile Beginner“ free plan, which gives you the option to publish your app inside the PapTap market, making your app visible to all PapTap users.

Getting your app published on the PapTap market is actually easier than submitting it to Apple’s App Store.

If you decided to submit your app to the App Store, you will first need to upgrade to our Mobile Senior Plan.
Then, there are some essential concepts that you should keep in mind along the way, which will definitely make the submission process a lot shorter.

How to Write a Great „About Us“ Screen for Your App


Creating an app with Paptap is the easy part, writing the content for your app is a bit trickier.
Your „About Us“ screen is your app’s first impression for your users, therefore, you want it to be interesting and „eye catching“.

It should include enough information about your app, yet be short to the point.

We’ve collected some tips which will help you write an awesome „About Us“ screen and gain more users for your app:

What’s Better for Your Business: A Native App or a Web App?


How to Decide Between a Native App and a Web App?

When it comes to apps for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, there are two choices: Native Apps and Web Apps.
Native Apps have a number of benefits over web-based Apps, and here are just a few…