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(English) How to create an app from scratch?

6 July 2017
How to Make an App from Scratch

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bobile’s native mobile apps offer you another channel for your business, to engage with clients, increase loyalty, retention, and sales. Create an app to enable your customers to buy products, order services, receive benefits, book appointments, contact you directly and much more.

With bobile’s app builder, you can make an application for both platform iOS and Android – Learn How.

  1. To start you should have an idea of your future app.  Do not start with games or something like this. Ideas that help people to solve their problems are the most attractive for your future users.
  2. Secondly, investigate the market of similar apps to know their advantages and disadvantages. Ask your friends, relatives, colleges or make some quiz to know what features can contain your app.
  3. Then calculate the cost of development, the cost of entering the market, think through the way to return investment.
  4. Make some tests of your app or trial version to improve the version for application stores.
  5. Get feedback to develop your application.
  6. And of course learn information about the mobile app industry.

Use our platform to build your own app:

  • Cross-platform gives you an opportunity to make your apps for IOS and Android
  • No need special knowledge of programming
  • No need any specific skills
  • Very friendly and easy service helps you to create your application step by step
  • The process of app building does not take much time. Now you need do just several steps to make your personal App
  • A new application can be your revenue
  • With a help of your own application, you can promote your business

Why choose our platform to create your app?

  1. Affordable prices – we believe building an app shouldn’t cost a fortune.
  2. Seamless user experience – our platform is intuitive and easy to use.
  3. Individual approach to each client – you are all VIP to us!
  4. Friendly and efficient customer service.

Step 1. App Creation

Our app creator establishes the initial app based on your unique information and type of business. Our advanced technology can also convert your business Facebook page into an app in no time:

  • Cover photo – as your app logo
  • Latest wall posts – into the social feed screen
  • Photo Gallery
  • About us
  • Phone, Email, and website – into the utilities

With bobile, you will get 100% native apps – Different design based on each OS user interface.

The two most popular platforms, iOS and Android, each come with their own unique user-interface pattern. They offer similar functionality but are executed in different ways. Each platform has their own specific standard for interface elements, such as buttons, menus, and headers.

Step 2: Make it your own – personalize the app and establish the features

After creating a basic app, use our powerful, intuitive and user-friendly tools to choose your app’s layout and design.  Establish all the input needed to activate your business features, such as uploading your products to the mobile shop, creating a service list, defining the schedule and updating clients’ information to start benefiting from these features.

Here’s a brief about some of the features we offer businesses to use within their apps:

  • Freehand Screens – Create whatever you dream of
  • Reviews – Let your clients tell you what they think
  • Web View – Display your own website within your app
  • Forms – Create customized forms to increase clients engagement
  • Booking – Set books and manage your business‘ schedule
  • Members Club – an automated loyalty program to make your business a native part of your clients’ phone with coupons, loyalty cards and scratch cards
  • Easily manage your interaction with current and potential clients
  • Coupons – A powerful marketing tool to increase sales
  • Mobile shop – another POS with online orders & sales tracking
  • Push Notifications – Send instant or scheduled messages

Step 3: App stores submission

We will guide you through the process of creating your own Google Play Developer Account and company/organizational Apple Developer Account (If you have an Individual account, please contact Apple support to convert it into a company/organizational Account. This may take up to 2 weeks.). Once uploaded to the app stores, our automated system will keep it up to date with every change you make.


* Due to Apple’s new policies, you must have your own Apple Developer Account (for $99/year) in order to publish your app on iTunes.

* Due to Apple’s policy, publishing on the iTunes Store requires app owners to create their own company/organizational Apple Developer Account ($99/year). If you have an Individual account, please contact Apple support to convert it into a company/organizational Account. This may take up to 2 weeks.

Web workspace & App Admin

Edit and manage the app using the web workspace and preview it on your smartphone using bobile App Admin.

Web workspace

Our easy-to-use and powerful workspace will guide you, step-by-step, from building a native mobile app to engaging customers.

The web workspace makes it easier to edit content, customize the app’s appearance, publish it to the app stores, set up features and manage customer engagements.

bobile App Admin

See a mobile preview of your app, take a look and experience it just like your customers will before it is launched in the app stores.

Customize your app on the web workspace and see how your changes are automatically updated in your app. Your preview is waiting for you under the eye icon on the App Admin.


Google Play:

Sounds interesting?

If it does, we welcome you to register and start creating your mobile app.

If you have any questions or need more information, we are waiting to hear from you. For more information about our platform and mobile marketing tips for small business, please follow the bobile Blog

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