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(English) Build Brand Relationships with bobile

10 December 2018

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You are spending most of your time and energy to get clients through your door for the first time, but how do you turn this into a longterm relationship? bobile helps you to overcome your knowledge gap and lack of resources to do what enterprises do on regular bases to keep their clients.

bobile’s Branded Relationships Builder enables you to do just that, with a combination of tools and features designed for SMBs.  coupons, loyalty cards, scratch cards, membership tiers and an automated reward system based on collecting and using points.

Create an app to fit your brand

Set your branding elements, business hours, create an „about us“ page, add professional information, videos, and music and create your members‘ club by uploading your clients‘ list.

Make it comfortable

Communicate with clients with live chat, be available 24/7 for customer service, enable easy booking system, set a mobile shop,  send reminders and additional information – in a manner that can easily fit into your busy schedule, and from the palm of your hand.

Establish loyalty and play like the big league

Enjoy a self-managed mobile members club app to increase sales, retention, and revenue. Our automated members’ club helps you make your business a native part of your clients’ phone.
We created dozens of tailormade events for SMB’s from which you can choose what suits your business most. Each event provides customers with behavior-based rewards as part of your customer success plan. In addition, send loyalty cards, coupons, and scratch cards to increase loyalty. See how your clients move up your sales funnel and get full statistics information on clients’ engagement with new analytic tools.


bobile empowers you to nurture clients from the encounter until they become frequent users, and eventually – your biggest evangelists.