Our Story

  1. The dream of opening the mobile world to the small businesses community was born. It was a cold beer’s sunny afternoon on Dany’s balcony at home. We knew that we had to make the apps fully NATIVE and at the same time fully flexible.

  2. After long months of late night basement research, the technology was found. For the first time we were able to create a fully NATIVE app without coding & update it in real time. The excitement was huge. The possibilities are infinite.  

  3. The first version of the online editor is released in alpha mode. It is official: anyone can spend 10-15 minutes & get their own native app. The first app owners are registered.

  4. As first funding arrives the team grows. The first 3000 pioneer app owners are served by a squad of 5.

  5. PapTap is a post seed company with over $1.5M raised, an approved Patent by the USPTO, a multi talent crew of 8 warriors and 80,000 Native mobile apps owners.

  6. INTRODUCING: A whole New PapTap Experience Over the past year we have been focusing on refining the PapTap experience with a single goal in mind: Taking SMB’s from scratch to success. guiding them, hand in hand, through all steps from building a mobile app to generating sales out of it

  7. Paptap is now Bobile! Like in our evolution story, a new era is approaching for mobile apps – the rise of mobile apps for small businesses. While we always continue & improve, we proudly state that business-oriented mobile apps or in short – bobile apps – are unlike any other mobile apps. […]