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Trends in event apps building

26 March 2018

Event apps play an important role in mobile marketing strategies.  These apps are often used to make it easier for companies to set up occasions with their clients. As the demand for events app increases, it eventually leads to the innovation of white label event app services, designed to answer the needs of app building companies, digital media companies, marketing agencies and other Partners in the mobile marketing industries.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the trends in event app building, and how it had improved the events market all over the world.

Facial recognition in event apps

Facial recognition capabilities are now added to event apps, including white label event app. App builders have now created algorithms that can detect and help calculate the facial features, hairstyles, body shape, and language of a person.

This trend allows people to tag photos with other attendees using the event app. At the same time, they can promote the given event using tags and shares on social media. Facial recognition features also ensure the security of the occasion.

Currently, white label app builders are creating more ways to detect moods through a facial recognition feature, making it easier to identify whether an event is successful or not.

Chatbots and automated customer service

Automated customer service plays a vital role when in event apps. This service allows attendees and event organizers to work swiftly before or during the event. These chatbots cater to the needs of the customers such as providing the date and venue of the specific event.

Using automated customer service in event apps builder helps attendees to feel better about attending a gathering, as most people prefer contacting a chatbot than a call service. Aside from that, it can also help staff know what to do before, during, and after an occasion.

Live streams of events

Live streams are one of the most common ways to introduce and promote an event all over the world, as it does not limit the audiences. When making live streams, make sure to encourage attendees to share the event on social media platforms to increase the traffic. bobile’s app creating platform enables you to embed streaming in your app – create playlists and folders for your audio files and streams.

Another trend in live streaming is crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing allows attendees to broadcast their personal experiences on an event. They can also use event hashtags when they share their stories with the world to attract more viewers.

RFID events

Some event organizers are now using Radio Frequency Identifications instead of tickets and other physical payments. Event organizers are adopting this practice to provide better experiences for their sponsors.

This trend will allow sponsors to get data without disrupting the event easily, and they can also stay in touch with their audience without delay. Thus, this would help lead to a better conversion of their audiences.

Final thoughts

Overall, these trends are beneficial in events marketing since they’re not only making everything accessible but also easier because of the added features. With these, organizers can now immediately share and create better events for their attendees. Aside from that, these trends aren’t only limited inside the walls of the venue. Instead, it can now extend throughout the world without limits!