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Promote Your App For Free: 9 Tips to Help You Do It Right

10 May 2016
Developing an app isn’t easy or cheap, especially when you hire someone’s service for it. Letting the world know about your brand new app is even harder, and can be really tricky if you don’t have a big budget and good connections.

Don’t worry, we’ve collected a list of 9 tips and ideas that will definitely help you out.

These tips are here to inspire you and give you courage – there are many things you can start doing now to get your app out there:

  • Simply use email to announce the launch of your app: Let your existing customer base know that your app exists!
  • Choose keywords and categories carefully: Before launching any kind of press or campaign, it is important that you’ll find the keywords and categories that will best capture your product.  These will prove to be vital, not only in growing organic attention in the marketplace, but also in providing clearer vision for future advertising.
  • Encourage users to review your app: A great tip for gaining organic attention is to provide incentives for users to review your app.  This can be done in the form of an in-app pop-up, which will reward users when the link is followed to the App Store to review the product.  Not only will this make your app more visible in the marketplace, but potential users will also consider it to be of a higher quality.
  • Use social media: One of the easiest ways to promote a new app is to launch various social media accounts promoting it.  By creating a social media account with keywords, similar to those selected to promote your app in the App Store, these accounts and their posts will gain the attention of the selected market segment.  These accounts will appear on Google searches involving the selected keywords, in addition to promoting themselves on social media through searches and hashtags.
  • Press release: Writing up a quick press release is one of the easiest ways to get your app featured on blogs and websites.  It takes minimal effort to transform a well-written press release into a fact-rich article.  Simply write up your press release and propose it to a few websites which relate back to the same market.
  • Create a website: In order to make social media campaigns and press releases truly successful, it is important that you also set up a website for your campaign.  It can be a teaser or a preview of the final product, and even a site with informative content set to launch with the app, being able to link back to this site will be unmistakably effective for advertisement.
  • Reach out to celebrities in your desired market: Another great tip for promoting your app is to reach celebrities and get them involved with your product.  Whether these be the celebrities that you see on TV screens, or people who are famous to a more niche audience, this added publicity will be indisputable.  Their curious and dedicated fans and followers will soon be on their way to download your app, trust us.
  • Make your app free during launch: While it might not sound like the greatest action at first, it is undeniable that people are more likely to take a chance with free apps.  When you are first starting out, making your product free might be the best thing to do.  This has the highest chances of generating word-of-mouth advertisement, which is the most trusted form of publicity.  You can easily set a ceiling, whether this be a set amount of time, such as one month after the app’s launch, or a set number of downloads, such as 1,000 downloads, as to when you will begin charging for downloads.

There’s one important rule to follow: do not spam! There’s a very tiny line between spreading the word and spamming. If you don’t like spammers, don’t be one!

Share your own tips to promote an app for free in the comments bellow!

Good luck!