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Nail Salon App

14 June 2017
Nail Salon App

Are you ready to optimize your nail salon and attract new clients? Don’t hesitate and make your personal nail salon application. With Bobile you can do it from scratch, without skills in programming and for different OS: IOS or Android. The application will help you to check and control your calendar and schedule. The calendar is the heart of your business.

With nail salon app you can easily view and edit your daily records and determine the next available time for the next recording as efficiently and possible. In the calendar you can even change the schedule of your employees. This is the most important tool of your business.

  1. Manicure reservation app easily integrates with any site, which will allow you to provide your customers an opportunity to make an appointment at the salon at any convenient time.
  2. Being part of each other (website and application) you can see any changes made by your clients immediately. And clients can choose the time for their visit online, 24 hours 7 days a week.
  3. The maintenance and accounting of staff schedule is an extremely time-consuming and complex process. But with nail salon app you can easily keep track of working hours, edit the schedule of employees, and make long-term plans.

After all this will allow you to increase the efficiency of your nail salon. People always make mistakes but your application will not allow overlapping in the records and will allow you more accurately determine the amount of time needed for each client.

Statistics will be useful to your business. Use necessary statistic data to make better decisions. The set of graphs included in nail salon app in real time reflects various aspects of your business – they will help you get an idea about the behavior of customers, seasonal trends, the success of marketing companies and much more. For effective planning, this tool is necessary for your business.

Apply decoration tools on your nails and create your own manicure design – Manicure App.

Add your geoposition and navigation tools on your app, so clients can find your salon in their city. App for nail salon also contains necessary contact information to keep in touch with clients: address, telephone number, website, links in social networks and e-mails. The application may provide different bonus programs, , as well as an opportunity to receive gifts for your comments and recommendations.

Why should you prefer our platform to create your application?

  1. We offer you the cheapest price
  2. Great experience of creating different apps
  3. Individual approach to each client
  4. Detailed and very friendly customer service
  5. Flexible tariffs
  6. Trial period for clients

What should you do to be our client?

You should be registered in our service. To start your mobile app creating activity please click here
If you have any questions and for more information or chatting with our service please click here:

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