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Make Your Small Business Rock on Black Friday!

10 May 2016

Black Friday is just around the corner, and soon hundreds of thousands of shoppers will be on their way to the stores in search of the best deals. How can you make sure they end up in your small business? It’s really not that complicated! With these last minute tips we collected, you’ll get the most from this year’s Black Friday!

  • Get connected: Create an app for your store! You can create an app in just a few minutes on our website. Once you’ve created an app for your business, make sure to promote it so your customers know how to access it and download it. Don’t forget to send push notifications to your app users about your Black Friday specials so they’ll know about all the great things you have to offer!
  • Watch the clock: A countdown is a sure way to let consumers know that your specials are exciting and limited.  Place a countdown timer on your website! Put signs in your business reminding customers to come back on Black Friday for even better deals.
  • Flash Sale: Promote your business by hosting a flash sale. Put one or two items on sale for only a specific amount of time, to get customers to visit your website and get excited for the other deals you’ll have on Black Friday.
  • In-Person Promotions: As great as online business is, you also want customers inside your business on Black Friday. Make sure you have some “in-store only” deals so that customers feel good about leaving the computer and coming to your place.
  • Avoid price wars: Unlike larger corporations like Amazon, your small business can’t afford to lose money on sales. While you want to offer some deals and specials for your customers, make sure you aren’t sacrificing your business to do so!
  • Focus on what makes your small business great: You’ll likely be seeing some new customers this holiday season, and you’ll want to turn those new customers into returning customers. Focus on what your business does best. Don’t sacrifice customer service, no matter how busy you are. Make sure you are well staffed and that your employees are well trained to handle the stress and occasional customer conflict that this season can bring. Remember, these customers are coming to your small business for a reason. They want an experience that they can’t get anywhere else. Give it to them, and you’ll likely be seeing those customers again throughout the year.
  • Thank your customers: Whether they shop in store or online, make sure your customers know that you genuinely appreciate their business and their contribution to the local small business community. Lots of shoppers are eager to return to a small-town local type of shopping experience instead of shelling out money to larger corporations. Letting them know their purchases are helping the community will make your customers feel good and will make them think of you first – whenever they need to go shopping.
  • Be their guide: Use your business app to post a gift giving guide for your customers who aren’t quite sure what to buy for their friends and loved ones. This is a great chance to showcase your unique offerings that customers might not see otherwise. You can even create a space in your store that holds everything that’s in the guide you’ve posted, to make shopping even easier.
  • Live chat: You might not be able to support this feature throughout the year, but it is worthwhile to consider during the holiday season. You’ll have an employee ready and waiting to answer questions via chat on your app or on your website. Customers are often unwilling to call stores, and when they do, it puts a strain on your employees who are trying to help customers in store. A live chat is a quick, inexpensive way for you to connect with customers since one employee can answer multiple questions from multiple customers at the same time. Be sure to advertise your live chat feature, so customers will know about it and use it instead of calling the store.
  • Have fun: Sure, Black Friday is busy, but it’s also fun! Most shoppers enjoy the thrill of Black Friday shopping, otherwise they wouldn’t be out dealing with the crowds. Keep things upbeat and positive in your business. When your employees are having a good time, customers will have a good time, and they’ll remember the feel-good vibe of your business long after they’ve wrapped their gifts.


Good luck and Happy Holidays!