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How to Make an App from Scratch?

6 July 2017
How to Make an App from Scratch

Everybody is expressed by huge opportunities of modern smartphones and tablets which work with OS from Apple, Google and Windows. We all use these devices. The success of these devices is due to application stores – App Store in the case of iOS, Google Play on Android and Marketplace on Windows Phone. Smartphones with application stores have become new Internet network with huge user base.

Users who constantly wander around the app stores searching for new interesting things, use mobile clients for their favorite sites, communicate, exchange information and gain new knowledge through their smartphones.

But, despite the huge number of available applications, each of us has the idea of his own. Stunning success stories, low entry threshold and abundance of tools for rapid development pushes people to this step and make them think “Why not me?”. The only question is how to make an app from scratch?

With free app builder you can make an application for both platform IOS and Android – Free App Maker.

  1. To start you should have an idea of your future app.  Do not start with games or something like this. Ideas that help people to solve their problems are the most attractive for your future users.
  2. Secondly investigate the market of similar apps to know their advantages and disadvantages. Ask your friends, relatives, colleges or make some quiz to know what features can contain your app.
  3. Then calculate the cost of development, the cost of entering the market, think through the way to return investment.
  4. Make some tests of your app or trial version to improve the version for application stores.
  5. Get feedback to develop your application.
  6. And of course learn information about mobile app industry.

Today you no need specific knowledge to create your own app. Our site Bobile offers you’re an opportunity to make your personal app from scratch.

Use our platform to build your own app:

  • Cross platform gives you an opportunity to make your apps for IOS and Android
  • No need special knowledge of programing
  • No need any specific skills
  • Very friendly and easy service helps you to create your application step by step
  • The process of app building does not take much time. Now you need do just several steps to make your personal App
  • New application can be your revenue
  • With a help of your own application you can promote your business

To know more information about our offers and possibilities please visit This is only one example of our work. With Ipad app maker you can create your individual app for the most popular device Ipad and launch it on iTunes.

Why should you prefer our platform to create your application?

  1. We offer you the cheapest price
  2. Great experience of creating different apps
  3. Individual approach to each client
  4. Detailed and very friendly customer service
  5. Flexible tariffs
  6. Trial period for clients

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