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How to Choose a Logo Design That is Perfect For Your Business

10 May 2016

The logo of your business is the signature of your brand. It is a valuable asset to your business and the key element that symbolizes your brand. When thinking about a new logo design, the symbol that you’ll choose to represent your business is inseparable from how people experience your products and services. Your logo design has the power to influence the mood, curiosity and engagement of potential customers and clients.

It should be simple, versatile, memorable and unique.

So, how do you choose a logo design that is perfect for your business?

First, you need to ask yourself a few thought-provoking questions to guide you and your designer towards the right direction:

  • What product or service are you selling, what is your business about?
  • How do you plan on using your logo design? Are you planning to use it for a business website, for a mobile app – as an app icon, for business cards, for billboards, or all the above?
  • Are you looking to come across as being tech-savvy, professional or friendly?

These are some questions you should answer prior to choosing your logo design.

Choosing a Designer

Developing your brand can get expensive. A well designed logo design takes time and talent from a professional designer. When it comes to your logo designer, it is important not to hire one based on the price only. Instead, you want to look for someone who is familiar with your industry. If the cost of your logo seems a bit expensive, keep in mind that a good logo will last for years. If you calculate the total sum over this long period of time, it is definitely worth it.


Your Logo’s Shape

Shapes can be the direct outline of your product, or something more abstract that comes from your mission statement: does your company connect, direct, provide, inspire? Jagged shapes make a direct point, rounded shapes are soft and embracing. What are the shapes that most accurately reflect your business?


The Importance of Colors

Selecting the right colors is just as essential as the logo design itself. Different emotions are linked to different colors. For instance, Black is associated with formality, Orange is associated with happiness, Purple is associated with luxury, Green is associated with harmony, Pink is associated with feminine traits, Blue is associated with stability, Red is associated with intensity, and Yellow is associated with joy and energy. When you choose your color scheme, you want to consider which color will represent your brand’s personality the best.


Keeping Your Customers in Mind

Your business logo design should be created for reaching a specific audience. Think about what your brand is about, who your customers are and what type of imagery and aesthetics they would be drawn to. Your logo does not need to be complex and deep to the point where nobody gets it. It should be clever, understood and welcoming. It should remain true to your business brand, but be an image of what your clients or consumers care about.


Remember that your logo should be simple and easily translate onto a variety of media including print, black and white, color banners and most important: how it will look as an app icon and on a website. Is it legible in a variety of sizes and textures?


Online & Mobile Presence

As you know, the world is quickly becoming a mobile centered place through the use of laptops, tablets and smartphones. Creating a website and an app for your business will not only help with credibility, but will also help with conversions. Let’s talk about your logo as an app icon: it is essential that it’ll stand out. Creating a perfect app icon will truly be the difference between receiving no downloads to receiving hundreds or thousands. Your App icon should be beautifully designed, memorable and simple, like your logo. It should convey its main purpose with just a quick glance.


When all of these elements come together, it makes a huge difference for your business. People will not only remember your product and your business’s name – but also the feeling and the message you wanted to send. It won’t be a simple process, however, it’s definitely worth the effort, since it will be with you for a very long time.

Good Luck!