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Hair Dresser App

22 June 2017
Hair Dresser App

Modern woman have to lead a sporty lifestyle, create a beautiful image for every day and correct make-up, be stylish each day. All beauty trends starts with haircuts and hair color. And of course each woman want get advice from leading hairdressers and enjoy the latest fashion innovations every day. And if you work as professional hair dresser you do not want to be the last to know all season trends.

  • You want to know it all from your smartphone or tablet. The best way is to build a hair dresser application. With bobile you can create your application for IPhone and smartphones with Android. This is very necessary tool for professionals.
  • This app allows you to keep customer diaries right in your smartphone, and synchronize data of your clients with your phone’s notebook.
  • Use it to organize your full database of clients, save their personal data (birthdays, personal information and etc.), preferred shades of coloring and haircuts, keep a record of visits and even account amount of services provided, materials spent and income received for each client.
  • As for professional you can save receipts of colors in the app or techniques of haircutting. In the hair dresser application you can peep ideas for haircuts, current trends and world fashion creative solutions.

In addition, the application can contain a palette of hair dyes and ready-made hairstyle templates in order to be able to model an image of the clients and change their hair color in one click. By using this application you can well organize your schedule time and even send reminds notification to your clients through your app (contact number if your client wants to make changes, time of visit, address and approximate amount of expenses).

Geo tracker apps allow you to track the movement of family members – Geo Targeting App Builder.

The application can save all send messages to client in your database. With push notifications you will never forget about birthdays of your clients and can congratulate them. Hair dresser application will help to systematize the work and minimize the time spent on administrative matters.

Integrate social networks links to your application and share photos of your haircuts and hair designs with your friends and potential clients. If you have your personal website connect it with hair dresser app so you clients can book the time for visit on website too and website will add this information to your schedule automatically.

Why should you prefer our platform to create your application?

  1. We offer you the cheapest price
  2. Great experience of creating different apps
  3. Individual approach to each client
  4. Detailed and very friendly customer service
  5. Flexible tariffs
  6. Trial period for clients

What should you do to be our client?

You should be registered in our service. To start your mobile app creating activity please click here CREATE A MOBILE APP.
If you have any questions and for more information or chatting with our service please click here: Bobile Blog

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