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Hair Dresser App

22 June 2017
Hair Dresser App

Discover the biggest trend in business with bobile’s hairdresser app builder.

You treat every client like royalty, carefully choose the right hairstyle and color for them and do everything to bring a smile to their faces.

We know that you don’t compromise on style and that you’re always looking for the next big trend. When it comes to running a business nowadays, there is no bigger trend than mobile apps. If you wish to grow your business, improve customer satisfaction and adopt new and improved management tools – our app builder is the way to go.

With bobile’s app builder for hairdressers, you can easily create a mobile application that serves both as a promotional and a professional tool.

What can you get with our hairdresser app builder?

  • Keep track of appointment schedules and share them with your team.
  • Allow clients to book an appointment online from their smartphones.
  • Create your own online store and offer your products for sale directly through the app.
  • Manage client database, save their personal data and hairstyle preferences and keep a record of visits and sales.
  • Build a professional database of hair color palettes and ready-made hairstyle templates and techniques.
  • Communicate with clients 24/7 via live chat.
  • Integrate social media with your application so you can share photos of your hair designs with friends and potential clients.
  • Connect your professional website to the app for easier appointment booking.

Our hairdresser app building platform

We offer a unique user experience and a simple app builder that anyone can use. We also have flexible payment plans with affordable prices and even a free trial period if you want to try us out and see what we can do. Our customer service is available for you 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about the product or payment plans.

What next? Simply register for our service and in less than ten minutes you will have your own branded hairdresser app.

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