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Geo Targeting App Builder

24 June 2017
Geo targeting app builder

Geolocation is the geographical data (latitude and longitude) of the location of the device. Applications with geolocation are applications which functions are tied to user location data. This type of application is usually used to obtain information about the current position of objects, as well as their routes.

For this, a GPS receiver with a GSM module is placed on the object. Sometimes this role can be performed by an ordinary mobile phone. The received data is displayed on the map of the locality in the browser. In a more sophisticated version, similar applications can measure fuel consumption, idle time, and also transfer objects to the team.

  1. Usually geo location apps are used for notifying customers based on their location. Today geo mobile apps offer range varieties of service: to search good food places, timetables of public transport, doctors, additional services (nail and manicure salons, spa centers, etc.).
  2. Geo location application allows you to browse the menu of restaurants closest to you, photos and reviews, which is very convenient when you are in an unfamiliar city and do not know where you can have a delicious dinner.
  3. Geo targeting apps are part of the loyalty programs of various companies or services that allows you to earn points by visiting certain locations, and then exchange them for discounts or gift coupons.

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Modern geo location apps allow you to write users with whom you have met in the real world today. The service of geo targeting app can easily analyze your route, and if someone with the same application as you crossed your path or traveled in one public transport, you will know about it and be able to contact him or her.

For users, geo location app is an opportunity to recommend interesting locations to friends or remind them about memorable event or a joint trip. Brands can use geo targeting apps to attract visitors to certain organization (for example, those that are less popular) or notifications of special offers with a limited duration when potential clients are nearby.

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