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Event App Builder – Build an App for your Special Event

14 April 2017

Event planning is a subtle art, with lists of tasks that to be done on time, various contractors that need to work in harmony and so many pieces in a puzzle that need to coordinate perfectly. It’s no surprise that many people need a little help when it comes to planning their events.

This is the perfect opportunity to use the many advantages of a mobile app to create an event that’s hot and happening.

Unlike what some people think, event apps are just a fancy substitute for a built-in mobile calendar or scheduler. A mobile event app is a lot more.

Using a well thought-out event app, you can not only remind people where and when the event will happen, but you can also promote your event by reaching out to wide audiences and create a network of current and would-be partners and customers.

Mobile Event App Functions

So what makes an event app shine? These are some of the most sought-after features in an event schedule app (and we’ve got them all):

  • Instant event feed – So people can get all the info on the go, instantly and anywhere.
  • Private and chat messages – These are a must for any social event app, allowing you to always keep in touch with guests and suppliers.
  • Multi-event – Planning on planning a bunch of events? Our app can be used for as many events as you want, as long as your users keep the app installed on their phones.

If your budget is limited, you can resort to a free event app builder, and you will still get a great event app with all the essential features – messaging, notifications, instant updates, etc. However, if you have a large audience base or prefer a more elaborate event app with a unique and tailor-made interface and special features, we can accommodate that as well.

Additional Merits

Polling and feedback are not must-haves, but they do help you get better by getting to know the users’ thoughts about the event in general and the mobile event app in particular.

And don’t forget monetization. If you opt for a free event app builder, you are likely to consider getting some extra revenue from the app. If so, you can choose to incorporate in-app banners or soft-sell advertising depending on the content of your event app and in a way that doesn’t interfere with user experience on your app.

In a nutshell, creating a successful event app doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. The bobile team is here to consider your needs and priorities. We believe in a personal approach that lets us build unique and beautiful apps that reflect your vision and goals and help you create events to remember.

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Liked this post? Share it with friends!