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Branded Relationships Builder for a Doctor’s Clinic

22 July 2018
doctors app

Most people nowadays use their mobile devices for practically anything – from shopping to communication and as a primary tool for ordering services. The medical field is no exception. So, if you want to keep up with technology, the best way to do that is to create a mobile app for your practice.

The benefits of creating an app:

  • Increase sales, retention, and loyalty
  • Manage clients’ info (CRM) and qualified leads
  • Create additional POS for your products and services
  • Share informative content and promotions directly from your mobile device
  • Efficient time management for employees
  • Improve customer service and communication
  • Request payment for provided services

Creating your automated Members Club is easy:

Phase 1 – Set up your account with bobile

  1. Select your business type and industry
  2. Insert your business name, name or business owner
  3. Choose your color scheme and upload branding elements – your logo, icon and loading screen image
  4. Set up your business info – working hours and contact info
  5. Add content to your app – Create a list of services you provide with duration and the price for each.

Phase 2 – Registration & Account Setup

  1. Setup your account providing email & choosing a password.
  2. Install bobile’s App Admin from the app store to properly see & experience your app on a mobile device.

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Phase 3 – Shre your app

Download your app and start sharing it with your clients


  1. Link your app to your website:
    Qr code for desktop users
    A script for mobile users
  1. Invite your clients to install your app via SMS & email. The SMS message will include a link to download the app once it is published on the app stores.
  2. Update your Facebook business page cover with a QR code (for desktop users)
  3. Add the “call to action button” option to download your app on your Facebook business page cover (for mobile users)
  4. Post on your Facebook business page
  5. Add a “Spread the word” loyalty card. For example: “Ask 3 friend to install this app and get a freebie
  6. Add a sign/sticker next to your cashier/reception and tell your customers about your new app (the sign/sticker should contain QR code and incentive to install)
  7. Each time a customer wants to make a special order/book a meeting etc., refer him to the app and tell him about the benefits and advantages he will get if he will do the same actions via the app.
  8. Tell your clients about the “Invite a friend” option and it benefits

Additional actions:

App Customization & Functionality Setup

Branding the app – “Edit app” section:

  • Under “Main screen” – choose a suitable layout
  • Under “Brand” tab
    1. Upload logo
    2. Upload app icon
    3. Upload loading screen
  • Under “App style” tab
    • Choose a relevant theme that best describes your business or alternatively, use the custom theme option to make your own designed theme
    • Choose your navigation bar
  • Set up utilities – contact information, and review options
  • Under “App pages” tab – Create the “About us” page with:
    1. Description of your business (at least 2 paragraphs)
    2. Image
    3. Location
    4. Website
    5. Phone number

Booking functionality – “Booking” section

  • Go to “group booking” tab to setup multi-participant class/workshop/ event:
  1. Service details and dates
  2. Max no. off participant
  3. Connect this booking to the relevant service
  4. Set duration
  5. Assign the relevant employee
  • Go to the setting tab:
    1. Set your business available hours
    2. Sync employees’ existing calendars with your mobile app booking
    3. Setup a default employee and service
    4. Setup business information

Clients rewards & auto engagement – 

  • Setup membership tiers
    1. Choose name & colors
    2. Set points value per tier (every point is roughly 1 cent)
    3. Choose what kind of benefits each tier is entitled
  • Set the points management system – Add  items and set 2-3 services for purchase using earned points
  • Add scratch card
    Name the title with the benefit/gift you want to give in case of a winning card
    Choose how many prizes (winning cards) you want to provide and their winning ratio
    Connect card with the benefit/gift you want to give in case of a winning card
  • Add subscriptions
    Make it easier for clients to choose your business time and time again. A subscription business model keeps your revenue steady, improved margins, and helps you manage inventory and schedule

Promotions & Deals – “Offers” section

  • Go to the coupons feature and create coupons that will help you to promote your products/services/app installs.

    • Get 10$ for your first self-booking in the app
    • Get 10% off your first check-up
  • Create loyalty cards. For example:
    – For every 5 teeth whitening treatments, get 1 for free
    – For every 5 referrals, get 20% on your next treatment

Publishing your app on Apple & Google – “App Stores” section

  • After creating your mobile app, it’s time to launch it in the app stores.
    1. Go to the “Store listings” tab, fill all required information and click on the “Submit to app stores” button
    2. Publishing on Google Play requires a Google Developer Account (one-time payment of $25) – in the Google play tab you will find a wizard that will guide you through opening a Google Developer Account.
    3. Alternatively, or in addition to Google Play, your app will be published on bobile Market to be shared with Android users, free. All bobile apps are automatically and instantly available for download on bobile Market and can be found under the “bobile Market” tab in the App Stores section of the Workspace.
    4. Due to Apple’s policy, publishing on the iTunes Store requires app owners to create their own company/organizational Apple Developer Account($99/year). If you have an Individual account, please contact Apple support to convert it into a company/organizational Account. This may take up to 2 weeks. Once uploaded to the app stores, our automated system will keep it up to date with every change you make.

Advanced/Additional Setup (Optional)

“Members Club” Section features:

  • Under “Groups” tab – segmenting your customers into a group according to their needs/interest/consumer behavior/gender/type etc.
  • Under “Setting” tab – Choose the type of information you’d like to collect from your customers.

Adding more content & app pages – “Edit app” section:

  • Under “app pages” tab:
    1. Photo gallery page – add galleries about you, your business, your team, your activities and more.
    2. Video gallery page – upload videos about you, your business, your team, your activities
    3. Custom Forms – Create forms according to your business needs. Examples such as a pre-check registration form, feedback form, or a questionnaire
  • News and updated about your business
  • Add content page with customers’ testimonials
  • Menu/List of your products/services/items/locations etc.
  • Set up a list page, for your services – Add content elements like pdf files, links, live streaming audio, text, images, videos, sliders, maps, phone numbers, and quotes.
  • Connect services/products/employees/classes lists to enable clients to review info and schedule/purchase easily
  • In each listing, enable clients to review your products and services
  • Attach all your social assets to the “Social” page
  • Add a Freehand app page– your own customized page using HTML, Javascript, and CSS, or a Web View app page – a landing page URL to launch it from the home screen of your app, for quicker access and keeping your customer within your app.

Configuring contact information – “Edit App” section – Set up app utilities under the “Utilities” tab

User personal zone inside your app – “Edit App” section – Under the “setting” tab – choose what functions and options your clients will have in their personal zone.

Setup employee’s permissions – “Permissions” section:
Click on the gear wheel (top right) and enter the “permissions” option:

  • Click the green “+” button to add your roles type
  • Setup the relevant permissions to each role
  • Invite your employees, each one to his relevant role

Ongoing app management (optional)

  1. Via the App Admin
    1. Chat with your clients to provide live support, address issues, and receive feedback
    2. Punch Loyalty cards and redeem coupons and rewards
    3. Check-in subscribers
  1. Grant rewards and points
  2. Use our “push manager” feature in case of:
    • Promoting a new product/service/offer/sale (add coupon as an incentive)
    • Updating your customers with new information about your business
    • Reaching out to customers which are currently around your business
    • A need to send your customers an ongoing/repeating massage/ information
    • Sending reminders to customers in order to increase their engagements with your business
    • Sending a greeting push to your customers on special occasions such as birthday, anniversary and holidays. It’s recommended that this push will include a coupon gift.
    • Sending the relevant push to customers according to the segmented groups
  1. Use “payment request” to ask clients for payment/deposit
  2. Share files (documents, images, videos, contacts, personal info etc.) with your customers via the “file sharing” feature
  3. Collect the data from the custom forms and analyze the statistics info
  4. Update your app each time you have a new product/service/information
  5. On big sales days (such as Black Friday) or if there is a need to promote a specific product/service change your app layout to “one button” layout and offer a coupon for that product/service/special offer/sale.
  1. Managing mobile shop orders
  2. Change the theme according to special occasions
  3. Galleries and content updates
  4. Add new coupons and loyalty programs
  5. Manage and monitor the group booking activity
  6. Manage your employees’ schedule
  7. Follow up on statistics and actions to see how your clients respond to your promotional efforts
  8. Trace non-active clients and “bring them back to life”
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