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Business App Builder: Why Build an App for a Small Business

22 April 2017
business app builder

Making businesses thrive with bobile’s business app builder.

Look around! It seems that everyone nowadays has a smartphone or a tablet (or both). About 46% of smartphone users say they simply cannot live without their mobile devices, while 91% said that apps expose them to new services and products.

Now imagine that all those people as potential clients for your business. Interesting thought, right?

Mobile applications have become a necessity for small and medium-sized businesses as it offers a perfect solution for one of their biggest challenges: how to constantly create growth and finding new ways to add sales channels.

The appeal behind mobile applications for businesses is clear. However, the potential for this tool stretches far beyond the ability to buy products and services on the go. The right kind of mobile business app serves as a Swiss army knife for your business – allowing you to increase customer loyalty, interact with social media, take your customer service to the next level and much more.

That’s why creating your own business application for mobile phones can be the answer, and it doesn’t need to be as expensive as developing your app from scratch.

Our Solution: Business App Builder by bobile

Not that long ago, contacting potential clients and providing ongoing support seemed like a real hassle. Now, thanks to our technology-driven solution, maintaining customer relationship is easier than ever.

Our mobile business app builder allows you to create a variety of mobile applications and helps you stay in touch with your clients 24/7 using your mobile phone. Anytime, anywhere and without spending your entire budget.

Our apps can offer you far more than that – with bobile’s business app builder you can create multi-function applications that help your clients save time, purchase products and services, get exclusive offerings and deals and at the same time help you attract new clients, so your business never stops growing.

Exclusive features for our mobile business app creator:

  • Create your own native, cross-platform applications suitable for iOS and Android.
  • Customize a personally branded application which serves as a promotion tool.
  • Sell your services or goods through the app in a simple and fun way.
  • Link your application with social media accounts for advertisement.
  • Use push notifications to inform your clients about special offers and deals.
  • Embed appointment scheduling functions in the app.
  • Connect membership cards, vouchers and customized rewards to your app.
  • Add mobile storefronts, online catalogs, and stores.
  • Include photos and video files to create tutorials, guides and more.
  • Embed live chat to interact with customers.
  • Offer your app to individuals (B2C) or to other businesses (B2B).


What Can bobile Do for Your Business?

We believe that creating great mobile apps for businesses doesn’t have to be hard or expensive, and that small and medium business shouldn’t compromise on offering the best shopping and booking experiences possible. That is why with bobile you can enjoy the best of both worlds – create stunning, tailor-made apps to fit your business needs easily and quickly without learning how to code or spend thousands of dollars on development. With bobile, you can follow our app creating guides and tutorials and start offering top-notch features and user experience to your customers in no time.

All our apps are compatible with both iOS and Android and can be sold on mobile app stores. We also offer a 30 days money back guarantee (from the day of registration) to new customers, so you can try us out and see what we can do. Our approach friendly and personal – we believe every customer of ours is a VIP customer, no matter the size of their business.

Ready to build your first business app? Simply register for our service and start building your next success story.