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Boost Your Christmas Sales With These Easy-To-Follow Marketing Tips!

10 May 2016

We’re really close to Christmas, but it’s a mistake to think that everyone has finished their holiday shopping yet! You still have plenty of time to catch the last-minute shoppers who are in need for great and unique gift ideas. Here are a few marketing ideas that will boost your Christmas sales using your business appearance, your business mobile app, your social media channels and more.

  • Offer Christmas incentives to your app users: Rewarding your loyal customers who have taken the time to download and use your mobile app is a great way to get them inside your store. The exclusivity of the special offer that is available only to your app users has the added bonus of word-of-mouth promotion from your loyal app-using customers who will convince their friends and family to also download your app and take advantage of the exclusive offer.
  • Offer gift wrapping: Shoppers are already exhausted. Why not entice them into your store with the promise of beautiful gift wrapping? You can use this as an opportunity to upsell at the register. For instance, gift wrapping is free for all purchases over $50 or $5 otherwise. (Use whatever numbers make sense for your business with this idea.) Shoppers enjoy getting things for free this time of year, so they are more likely to spend a few more dollars at your store to cash in on the free gift wrapping offer.


  • Stay on top of your social media accounts: Share ideas for unique gifts through Facebook and through your app, and make it easy for your followers to share your pictures and info. Offer ideas that are truly unique to your store or your business, that will make your customers think outside the usual gift-giving box. Check your updates often and respond to customer questions and comments. Customers who feel connected to your company are more likely to give you their business.
  • Offer exclusive giveaways on your app: Shoppers enjoy getting things for free (are you starting to see a pattern here?) Give your customers a chance to win something through your app. Gift cards are an easy thing to give away, and they make sure that the winners will be giving you their business in the future! Create buzz through the app with reminders (push notifications) about the giveaway, and allow customers to share the giveaway with others. This will, once again, give you additional followers through your customers’ word-of-mouth promotion.
  • Get in the holiday spirit: Decorate your store and website in holiday cheer. (If you have an app with bobile, there are some cool holiday themes that you can use!). Hand out free candy canes or hot cocoa to your customers. If it makes sense for your business, set up a time when kids can visit with Santa and his elves. Customers who venture out into stores during the holiday season are looking for an experience as well as some great shopping deals. They’ll spend more time (and money) in your store if you offer a welcoming, holiday-themed environment.

Holiday shopping is a unique type of shopping, and using the above marketing techniques will get more shoppers into your store who will spend more money.

Remember to make the most of the holiday season by using your bobile app to connect with customers and keep them informed of all the deals you have going on the holidays!