Rita Keselman

The bobile’s Automatic App Submitter

bobile’s Submitter – Let Us Do The Work For You Dreaming about having an app on the app stores? bobile will make it happen for you. Thanks to our automatic app submission, you can create an app in no time and easily launch it to the app stores. We allow you […]

2016 Year in Review

During the last 12 months, bobile has expanded its: support, R&D, programming, marketing, and translation & documentation teams. We have tirelessly strived to make life easier for you, by offering intuitive mobile apps for your small businesses. All of us at bobile will continue to improve and develop ways for […]

The New Reseller Program

The bobile Reseller Program Grow your revenue now with the new bobile reseller program. Sell mobile apps to your clients or target new ones. Our app-developer account enables easily creating as many mobile apps as you want, with no previous programming knowledge. Did anyone say a “Business Opportunity”? 2017 is going […]

Introducing: Awesome New Themes

Looking for an app design that’s right for your business? From today, you can choose from more than 200 different themes. The new appearance helps you effectively and creatively customize your app by choosing more relevant themes for your brand. They are multi-purpose and can be used by different kinds of […]

New Feature Alert: Loyalty Programs

Add Loyalty Programs to Your Mobile App Returning consumers are five times more likely to buy again from your business and spend 60% more per purchase. Keep your customers engaged and coming back with customized rewards. With our loyalty programs, your customers can easily earn points and redeem them as gifts, […]

New Feature Alert: Meet the New Mobile Shop

Sell products on your mobile app: Whether you’re a local store, retail business, e-Commerce website, or an individual who wants to sell online, with bobile you can build the ultimate shopping experience on mobile. Create a dedicated app to generate more sales by engaging shoppers to make a purchase from their […]

Marketing Activities – App Promotion Guidance

(or: how to get more downloads to your mobile app?) The key to mobile app success is driving your consumers to install it. But you have no time to struggle with marketing; you need simple tools. For these reasons, we crafted some DIY (Do-It-Yourself) tools. They are built as short and […]

Top-of-the-Line Mobile App Redesign – iOS & Android

Designing different UI for iOS & Android The two most popular platforms, iOS and Android, each come with their own unique user-interface pattern. They offer similar functionality, but are executed in different ways. Each platform has their own specific standard for interface elements, such as: buttons, menus, and headers. Who’s more popular? […]

Mobile Business Apps – Best Marketing Tool for Small Businesses

A lot of words and statistics can be used to build the case that mobile devices have grown and continue to grow into one of the most popular technological advancements. Just looking around would convince the most skeptical among us. And as with all new developments, the speed with which […]

10 Reasons You Should Offer Online Appointment Scheduling

Doctors and other small medical providers may be missing out on visits from existing patients or new ones by not allowing them online appointment scheduling via mobile device or computer. The public seems to show a preference for doing many things via the Internet or mobile apps these days. It […]